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The Parting Shift: Modified Production Bliss

The Parting Shift: Modified Production Bliss

Normally our Parting Shift items focus on in-car video, but this week we’re getting out of the car and listening to screaming exhaust notes from vintage NHRA Modified Production racers at the 1976 SportsNationals. Dave MacClelland is on the mic, and there are dry hopping, gear banging, hot rods running down the strip at Bowling Green, Kentucky. Since Chad and I are here at Bowling Green this weekend, we thought it was only fitting to highlight this awesome footage.

This event is significant because it was the first SportsNationals, which was desined to be a national event for just the Sportsman classes. They were run into the 1980s and then they died out for about a decade and a half until they were dug up, and restarted by NHRA. The modern events have been well received and attended.

Combine the dulcet tones of Big Mac and the small blocks revving like sewing machines and you have drag strip audio perfection. Enjoy!






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10 thoughts on “The Parting Shift: Modified Production Bliss

  1. timebomb

    this and comp eliminator have always been my favorite car classes never really could figure out why they had to mess them all up. but hey super stock is pretty awesome too.


    Way back in the later 80′s when I was getting my DL and scanning the want ads for my first car I found a ’66 or Box Nova with a Dual Quad Straight Six for sale with a stick trans.

    I remember wanting it but when my father called about it the woman who answered the phone said that she wasn’t sure if it could be driven on the street or not as it was her sons car? Makes me wonder to this day what I missed out on :?

  3. Barry R

    Somebody explain to me why the camera angles and work, and the announcing, are so far beyond what we get today? We get better resolution images now thanks to technology, but the positioning, editing and action work are way cooler – and the announcer shows some real enthusiasm.

  4. Shawn

    This was the best class ever. Anonymous above was right when he said that NHRA usually screws things up. Nothing beats 300 in” with a set of 1150′s setting on top of a sheetmetal intake. Here is another Video of modified eliminator at brainerd Optimist Drag Strip in Georgia in the early 80′s.


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