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Video: Watch A Dodge Viper Get Completely Destroyed By A Huge Junkyard Excavator!

Video: Watch A Dodge Viper Get Completely Destroyed By A Huge Junkyard Excavator!

We don’t know where this was shot or why the car was being destroyed rather than parted out, but this is wild video. The camera work ain’t the best and the action starts in earned at about :58-seconds in so if you want to skip to that part you can. It is amazing to see this car get absolutely mauled by the huge hydraulic grapple on the excavator. It literally just chews the thing to pieces. Holy smokes, this is really something else.

Oh, apparently the same wrecking yard has four more Vipers that are going to get this “treatment” as well.

Update: At one point the person filming says, “This is a new guy operating this excavator…from Chrysler.”


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35 thoughts on “Video: Watch A Dodge Viper Get Completely Destroyed By A Huge Junkyard Excavator!

  1. Anonymous

    Couldn’t find any more vintage grain trucks to waste?

    Although these are probably engineering mules that could not be sold for liability reasons, this is still stomach-turning to watch.

  2. john

    1989 Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner “War of the Roses”. Isn’t it obvious? Did the wife find a pair of pink panties that weren’t hers? Shane ( written on the left headlight) lost it in the divorce settlement and she (watching the doings) is having the time of her life!! :) :(

  3. Eddie Marion

    Hey, they should have had the guy that can stack beer bottles with an excavator do this. He could have disassembled it instead of destroying it. LOL!

  4. Ken Neuhoff

    Probably insurance totals from flood damage? I can’t watch the video. I saw a number of squished cars on a semi trailer including a new NSX. Does flood damage ruin the tires and wheels, ugh no or aluminum body parts. Seats and electrical – Yes!!!

  5. ETwagon

    This is a classic salvage witnessing assignment. (I did lots of these at a company I previously worked for)

    For various reasons if a car company buys back a vehicle with a major problem (this looked like an engine bay fire) or it even could be excessive transportation damage, they are ordered completely destroyed and it has to be documented with photos.

    At 9:43 you hear a guy say “hold it right there” as he takes a (one of many) photo to prove it’s been 100 % destroyed.
    The video was likely shot by yard bystanders. This is the last thing a car company wants to publicize.

    1. Anonymous

      This. I witness the complete and utter destruction of a brand new ’89 Cavalier that was being driven off a hauler when one of the ramps broke. A rep from GM stood by and watched until the unlucky Cav was crushed to his satisfaction.

  6. Tom P

    This might be one of several Vipers around Vancouver that met the same fate for a locally filmed TV series. A wrecking yard guy told me is they are being crushed and no parts allowed to be taken off. Chrysler gave them to the TV production but had to prove they were destroyed after.

  7. Red Beard

    Car companies will routinely crush prototypes and test vehicles and even promotional vehicles for liability purposes. This could be one of those occasions. If the Operator really was a Chrysler employee maybe they had him do the job to ensure the didn’t “fall off the truck” in transit.

  8. Sharkey

    In Australia we have this sort of thing going on constantly with hoon drivers cars being confiscated and destroyed complete. Make and model means nothing. They take nothing off them just completely crush them to the size of a carton of crisps!

  9. craig b blue

    That was my now ex-wife’s favorite car! I told her I was gonna take it & get it washed before I signed the title over to her

  10. threedoor

    Looks like some evil government mandate like the quad cab Rover that the feds crushed because some one brought it into the states sans airbags.

  11. Vinnie

    How old might the video be? Remember the cash for clunkers, some people got rid of some really good cars because they were gas guzzlers.

  12. apple

    It said on their youtube chanel that they had four more to crush. Now that’s obsessive don’t you think. Either that’s a company with too much money or a company that needs gearheads.

  13. Don

    Could’nt get past the 3 1/2 minute mark. To painful to watch and I’m not a big fan of Vipers, but I am a car guy. What a shame.

  14. tiresmoke!

    Man, all I could think of was the destruction scene in “Christine”…if the stereo had started playing oldies tunes? I’d have left that sucker on the hook…LOL

    Testing mules and fire/flood damaged vehicles are destroyed all the time…would’ve been more impressive had these been put through the industrial version of a wood-chipper(forget what the hell it’s called…was shown here a long time ago, might’ve still been CJTV then….showed it completely devouring a VW Beetle). Sad to see a Viper GTS getting munched, but it happens sometimes…

  15. Rob

    Never been a huge Viper fan but was kind of stomach churning to watch – such a waste.

    On the other hand is it just me or did the guy driving the red pickup dumping some scrap metal look real nervous or what ? Notice he didn’t walk away from his truck. LOL

    I heard a story a couple of years ago about a guy who imported a 05 or 07 mustang into Australia without the proper documentation and the car met the same fate.
    Apparently they crushed it delicately ( if that’s possible ) and the yard guys picked through after the officials had left.

  16. MW

    A few years ago a train derailed here with several cars of new Blazers and S10 trucks. Some were barely damaged. They were transported to a local scrap metal yard and run directly into their shreader—while armed guards watched.

  17. Anonymous


  18. Brendon

    I couldn’t watch it all. Too depressing.

    Now, if they were crushing something useless- like a prius, I’d get the popcorn out… They did this on an episode of Roadkill. It was awesome.

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