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Video: Watch A Lifted Cummins Dodge Pull A Lifted Duramax Chevy Around The Block During A Tug Of War…Literally

Video: Watch A Lifted Cummins Dodge Pull A Lifted Duramax Chevy Around The Block During A Tug Of War…Literally

The diesel truck crowd is an interesting set. On one end there are the dudes who fine tune their stuff to get crazy mileage  and on the other hand there are the big lift and big horsepower guys who drag race, sled pull, and tug of war their trucks. This video shows a couple of the guys who fit in the latter crowd hooking their trucks together in what looks to be a mall parking lot. One guy in a Cummins powered Dodge and the other in a Duramax powered Chevy. The driver of the Cummins obviously showed up ready for action while the dude in the Chevy forgot where the throttle pedal was. We’ve never actually seen something like this happen before. It is literally insane to see what the Dodge does to this poor Chevy. It must have been one hell of a scary experience to be in the cab of the bowtie, brakes locked, and along for the ride while backwards.


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15 thoughts on “Video: Watch A Lifted Cummins Dodge Pull A Lifted Duramax Chevy Around The Block During A Tug Of War…Literally

  1. Chad Reynolds

    I would have wrecked my truck in order to wreck that Dodge. I would have put my shit in reverse and drove right up his ass. Seriously not cool .It would totally have been worth ruining my junk to own him. Then I would have beat him till he was afraid he was going to die, and scared he wouldn’t.

    1. The Outsider

      Um . . . Chad . . . do you maybe have some issues with a LESSer Chevy being “owned” by a “Brand Xer?” On the other hand, totalling a $200 truck . . . not much of a sacrifice.

      Of course, if you beat someone “until he was afraid he was going to die,” won’t you end up like Vinnie Toretto in all those silly “Fast & Furious” movies (Be sure to bring your “3/4-inch torque wrench” to the beatdown)

      At least Chad’s feelin’ the old Christmas spirit . . . .

    2. Martin

      breath in, breath out…… but the guy in the Dodge would have a problem with me too…if I was enough of an idiot to do these knd of games….

  2. ford141

    That guy is the biggest douchebag I’ve ever seen. These tug-o-war pulls rarely prove anything except that one truck is heavier than the other. His point was proven when he pulled the Chevy to the other side of the parking lot. Everything else was a total dick move. Dude better no park his truck in a public place anymore, his tires would be slashed and the paint keyed in a heartbeat.

  3. ford141

    Oh, and just for the record, the Chevy isn’t a Duramax. It’s a gas motor. That Cummins easily outweighed the Chevy by 1000lbs, and outpowered it by ~400ft-lbs. Chevy didn’t stand a chance.

  4. MoparKid

    That idiot dosent deserve his dodge. He could have easily done damage to the whole parking lot other peoples cars etc. They should have never hooked up chain to chain. Thats like hooking a built 440 mopar to a inline 6 chevy. Not fair or right to do!!!!

  5. Mustang13 Jeremy George

    My $0.02, either bring enough truck, or DON’T hook to the other end of the chain. The fact may have been, the guy in the Chevy may just have run his mouth one minute to long, and deserved the embarrassing ride he took around the Mall backwards.

    Boys will be Boys.

  6. charlie

    Keying someones paint job, slashing someones tires, sugar in the gas tank ect ect when their not there is a pussy move either man up and confront him man to man or do nothing.

  7. Josh Fullenwider

    I agree with mustang13. How do we know that the guy in the chevy wasn’t the douchebag in this whole episode? We’ve all known someone that talks and talks and never shuts his mouth until you reach your breaking point. Personally, i think the video is hilarious! The funniest part is right at the end when the dodge whips the chevy around from so much momentum! LMAO!!!

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