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Best of BangShift 2012: A Titanic Nitrous Exposion From The Yas Marina Drag Strip in Abu Dhabi

Best of BangShift 2012: A Titanic Nitrous Exposion From The Yas Marina Drag Strip in Abu Dhabi

We’re re-running some of our favorite content today because we’re thinking that the junk weather in CA is going to put the kabosh on the Mooneyes Christmas parts. Roast your chestnuts on THIS fire!

I’ll readily admit to using some hyperbole now and again to juice up a headline, but this nitrous explosion, filmed at the Yas Marina Circuit drag strip in Abu Dhabi is the most massive and violent one I have ever seen. The concussion literally blows the front of the car to pieces and it was all the result of a super bad decision by either the driver of his crew. As you will see, the car barfs a bunch of fire out of the hood scoop on the launch and that is just the opening act. Quickly a crew guy jams his face through the snout of the scoop and appears to “blow out” any residual fire. He motions everyone  away from the car, sticks his face in the door and is apparently talking to the driver. While that is going on, pay close attention to the scoop because you can see what I believe to be nitrous wafting out of it.  Once the driver hits the starter switch it looks like a bundle of hand grenades are exploded under the hood. Amazing explosion. If anyone was adjacent to the car when that happened, they could have been killed.

The car looks to be a brand new Camaro Pro Mod/Top Sportsman/Outlaw 10.5 machine and it is reduced to a flaming pile of melted and busted junk by the end of this video.

Just because you have the money to go fast, doesn’t mean you have the brains. This really could have gotten someone killed.

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20 thoughts on “Best of BangShift 2012: A Titanic Nitrous Exposion From The Yas Marina Drag Strip in Abu Dhabi

  1. tiresmoke

    No doubt someone could’ve been killed by that mess…more or less a high-dollar IED.

    Wonder if it was a sticky/damaged nitrous solenoid, or if the driver had a dumbass attack and hit the button?

  2. Hotrodcharlie

    At least give the safety crew some credit, they were right there with a fire extinguisher. How many videos from here in the US have you seen that the car would have burned to the ground? It is never a good idea to refire a car after a nitrous backfire without knowing what happened.

  3. joebogey

    Wow, as is usual, I started watching the video before I read the text. At first I said, really, that little sneeze? Stupid idiot sticks his face in the scoop, duh. Then as the video was finishing I scrolled up and started reading, then WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!

    Charlie, you are correct that they safety crew was there pretty quick, they’re just lucky the dumbass that stuck his face in the scoop waved them away before the other dumbass in the driverseat his that starter again or they all would have ended up in the stands.

  4. Anonymous

    Im diggin the Eurotrash club music being played at the track, I wonder if camels do the same thing, if they have to much intestinal gas, but instead their humps explode. The announcer was completely unfazed too.

  5. John T

    Every time I watch one of these I can’t help thinking `wonder how long it will be before nitrous gets banned completely?’ Obviously there are plentry of other dangerous things we get up to that can go boom, but I dunno, nitrous seems that little bit too out of control and hard to stop when it all goes to shit..

  6. ratty

    i can’t imagine the driver actually turned the engine over again, even the most amateur backyard gearhead knows better than to do that after a nitrous pop… like someone said, more likely a faulty solenoid did it on its own…. but then, i can’t believe that crew guy stuck his face into the hood scoop… so who knows!… that’s a really pretty car too, looked brand new.. and yeah, props to the safety crew… if this was a 1/8th mile U.S. track you’re right, it would’ve burned to the ground before anyone with a fire extinguisher showed up

  7. orange65

    For every bad run on nitrous (as shown here) there are probably a thousand good ones (where nothing bad happens unless you are in the other lane). This was either driver ignorance or negligence. Either way, it was bad. I guess it would have been better if he had had a turbo or supercharger so he could have leaned it out closer to the top end and fried an engine and possibly lost control at 150+, you think? Ignorance + power adder (no matter what kind) = disaster.

  8. jerry z

    Reminds me of the time a ProMod Mustang did this at the Shakedown@Etown a few year back. I was in the stands about 150 away and shockwave from the explosive was unreal!

  9. rhd05@msn.comrhd05@msn.com

    @ :23 in it kind of reminds me of 1996 when Darrell Alderman was driving the Wayne County Pro Stock Dodge avenger.

    1. wayne

      exactly!! i saw him do that at ennis—later the announcer told the crowd it was a faulty distributor

  10. 440 6Pac

    Well at least they had an extinguisher that could handle the fire. Unlike them dumb asses at the Texas Mile form yesterday’s viedo.
    But then the dumb asses here were the crew member and the driver.

    1. Andamo

      Notice how fast the fire stopped when the power switch was shut off at the rear of the car killing the fuel pump.

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