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Watch England’s Andy Frost Run 6.995/218mph at Santa Pod – World’s Fastest Street Legal Drag Car!

Watch England’s Andy Frost Run 6.995/218mph at Santa Pod – World’s Fastest Street Legal Drag Car!

England’s own Andy Frost, in his wild Red Victor III ran 6.995/218mph at Santa Pod Raceway’s Easter Thunderball last weekend. That run makes Frost’s car the fastest street legal drag car in the world, with the USA’s Larry Larsen holding onto the quickest title with his runs deeper into the 6.90s. ¬†Frost’s latest iteration of the Red Victor is an insane twin turbo affair that both looks the business and has the performance to back it up.

It is pretty awesome that we now have a legitimate intercontinental battle for the crown of world’s baddest street car. One can point out small advantages or handicaps that one setup may have over the other, but the fact is both are running a few hun off of one another and it would be absolutely surreal to get them both to the same strip at the same time to have a winner take all brawl.

Congrats to Andy and the Red Victor crew. 218mph?! That is completely unbelievable!

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14 thoughts on “Watch England’s Andy Frost Run 6.995/218mph at Santa Pod – World’s Fastest Street Legal Drag Car!

  1. ollie

    Now lets see him cruise it around piccadilly circus 30 minutes later after airing the tires up (well at least downtown Northampton!)

    1. floating doc

      Larry Larson’s car isn’t faster; however it still is quicker (for now).

      Faster=higher top speed. Quicker=lower elapsed time.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think Larson’s car is incredible. Still, when this car gets sorted out, it’ll have the quicker ET also.

      No matter how fast (or quick) you are, there’s always someone ready to take it away. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Larson take back the title with a fresh build, or for someone else to come out of the woodwork and pass them both up.

      You can choose to like whichever car you want. Ultimately, it’s just numbers, not politics.

  2. Tim Cooper

    I saw this run on Saturday and it was great. I am sure there is more to come when the weather is better. We had rain Saturday and Sunday in between good racing but rained off Monday. Larry Larson watch out……

  3. Ed

    Larry is king of street cars for sure, Drag Week doesn’t lie. But Andy’s is a real legal Pro Mod, that just happens to be street legal, and somewhat streetable too. That’s pretty cool. Plus it’s a Vauxhall, even cooler.

    Keep in mind his 219 mph on Saturday, and 6.99 on Sunday were both with soft, second gear launches, and as far as I can tell less than 10 total runs on that car. Once it’s sorted out and launching in first….

  4. 457 Brodix

    WOW! With only a 1.45 – 60 ft. time on a second gear launch that car will run a lot quicker then a 6.99.

  5. Dave

    I watched this on the euro dragster webcam. Amazing… Best part is theyre just breaking it in. Its a street legal pro-mod!!!!!!

  6. Alvin

    Ive watched dragracing on both sides of the pond. For me to class a road legal car as street legal it needs to pass certain criterias. The British (Iam british by the way) are claiming this to be the worlds fastest car(Red Victor 3.) Itll more than likely run low 6s eventually. The major flaw in comparison is Larsons car is more of a genuine long distance road vehicle. To say a street car has run 1200 miles and runs 6s is unbelievable. The older,tamer red victor 2 ran in a less radical class and the most they covered was 30 miles of open road during an event. Ive even seen it on a trailer after an event has finished on a highway being towed back home. Iam not saying RV3 couldnt do 1200miles but to claim both (worlds fastest and does 1200 road miles.) is another level.Larsons is the one to beat even if RV3 runs quicker on the strip.

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