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Watch the Most Jacked Up and Violently Failed Top Fuel Burnout in Drag Racing History

Watch the Most Jacked Up and Violently Failed Top Fuel Burnout in Drag Racing History

I’d never try to even insinuate that it is easy to drive a high powered drag race car, especially one like the Top Fuel Dragster in this video. As you will see, stuff can go wrong in a split second. One minor lapse in concentration and your ass will be up and over a guardrail, potentially with the throttle hanging wide open as you will see below.

This video comes from the long dead Orange County International Raceway in California and the tag on it says that it was shot in 1980. I have no idea who was driving the dragster but we’re assuming that it was a new driver, or at least one new to Top Fuel. I am a big fan of this particular of dragster. We’re getting close to the first generation of rear engine fuel dragsters at this point and the low slung, spindly look will soon be replaced with longer more robust looking cars. I think these dragsters have an awesome look with their laid back driving position and small rear wing.

You’ll see the driver complete the burnout, engage the reverser and then for whatever reason, whack the throttle while the car was in reverse. This causes, in scientific terms, “the shit to hit the fan”. The car, which probably has a TON of camber in it as most dragsters do flings around like a bizarre mechanical whip, ultimately launching over the guard rail with the throttle open. Whoopsie doodle!

Press play below and learn how “easy”  it is to drive a Top Fuel Dragster!

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7 thoughts on “Watch the Most Jacked Up and Violently Failed Top Fuel Burnout in Drag Racing History

  1. jbsjunk

    That should be caster not camber. I heard those things can be skiddish in reverse.

  2. oldschool camaro

    the ole double tap of the loud pedal while in reverse trick huh !!! …… seen that happen way to many times at OCIR from 1980 thru 1983 when it closed for good . watched a top fuel car backing up in the tower lane and the driver hit the throttle to hard in reverse which caused his r/foot to double tap the throttle when the g-forces thru his body forward while in reverse .the car smashed into the teams tow vehicle hard and launched it right over it and almost going thru the wooden fence behind the water box

  3. Chuck Noble

    OK… Injected blower cars…nitro or alky…idle around 2000 – 2500 rpms…. add to that the throttle is very very sensitive…… it’s doesn’t take much to get the car rolling backwards….just cracking the throttle blades gives you 5000 rpm instantly…….add that to a rpm activated slider clutch and things get out of hand quickly…!!!

  4. anotheridiot

    burnout was nice. seen so many front motor cars have the happy front wheels backing up, never thought they would stick like this

  5. gary

    Jacked up for sure, but a few years ago; Shelly Howard was killed testing at Tulsa in similar circumstances. The accident killed her handicapped son as well, who was sitting behind the starting line in their push truck. Shelly’s car went into sever tire shake, leading most to think she was knocked unconcious, and the car ran full throttle back into the tow truck. Very sad end to very good people…

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