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Watch the Most Violent Dirt Modified Crash We Have Ever Seen – Driver OK, Race Car Obliterated

Watch the Most Violent Dirt Modified Crash We Have Ever Seen – Driver OK, Race Car Obliterated

There’s a lot of fun to be had in the stands at your local dirt track. The action is always hot and heavy, there are usually some close calls, and virtually every car leaves the place with bashed fenders and body work that looks to have been smashed with Thor’s hammer. That being said, every now and again, circumstances line up to create wrecks of simply epic proportions. A driver named Tom Charles found that out last weekend while competing in his dirt modified.

As you’ll see for the first minute of the video, the racing was great. Cars were sliding trough the corners and powering down the straights to the delight of fans. Then, one minute into the video the planets align and Charles becomes the passenger in a horrifying wreck that tops anything we’ve ever seen on a dirt track (aside from a few World of Outlaws disasters). The integrity of the car was intact after the crash and from what we have heard, Charles was a little banged up but walked away from the crash.

Whatever shop built this car deserves some props because it protected the driver and didn’t go to pieces when rolling, flipping, and smashing during this wreck.

Press play to see the biggest dirt track crash you’ll probably ever lay eyes on. 

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5 thoughts on “Watch the Most Violent Dirt Modified Crash We Have Ever Seen – Driver OK, Race Car Obliterated

  1. Greg

    The chassis shop should use this in their advertising. Someone did some first rate welding.

  2. ksj2

    Upon further inspection there were 4 tubes that did indeed break..Been a long time since Tom has had a bad one.Super nice guy whose nickname is “Rooster”Kudos to the builder and to IMCA’s safety rules.

  3. ksj2

    Heres an update from Rooster.
    I have watched the Video and looked at the Car in the Shop. I realize I was a few inches from not being here at all. It gives you a whole new perspective. The main post on the Drivers hoop was ripped out of the Car on the fist impact on the wall, the halo and front post where damaged as well as the rear down bar going back. One more impact on top and everything collapses. It rolled three more times without hitting the top……..I thank God for that!!!!!! Thanks for everyone’s kind words and concern. We are taking the old Car to Knoxville Thursday for the Harris Clash. Taking a Knife to a Gunfight, but I need to get back in the car. JayBro Motorsports is going to loan me a Car for the rest of the year to try and Win the IMCA Title at Thunder Hill. I am Grateful to Randy Moore and Dan Charles for their Generosity. I do not know about the Future of Eagle Racing team, I want to continue to race, just not sure we can bounce back this time…….we will see, and Hope, and Thank God for another Day!!!!!!!

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