2016 NMCA Bluegrass Nationals: The Cars Of Nostalgia Super Stock!

2016 NMCA Bluegrass Nationals: The Cars Of Nostalgia Super Stock!



What can we say…we like the classics. Hemi Darts. 427 Biscaynes. Ford Thunderbolts. Super Stock Dodges that were written about in songs. These are names that have had legendary standing longer than Brian, Chad or myself have been alive. These were the cars that were bought from the showroom, modded to within an inch of their lives (with or without the help of some connections from the manufacturer) and were sent out to terrorize drag strips from sea to shining sea. And fifty to sixty plus years on, they are still formidable track weaponry, banging gears, burning tires and looking just as purposeful now as they did back then. The Nostalgia Super Stock classes at the 2016 NMCA Bluegrass Nationals were for those who remember the days gone by, when the car you could go down to the dealer and purchase would appear on the track, light as a feather, stuffed to the brim with an engine that you could possibly get yourself, and would take on any and everyone who dared to line up.¬†There are specific cars that are allowed to run, from certain 1959 cars through 1969. Organized as the Dave Duell Classic (named after the former Super Stock driver who was a supporter of the Nostalgia Super Stock movement), the event runs in conjunction with NMCA races and are crowd favorites. From the “Texas Whale” Plymouth station wagon to the AMX that was yanking the wheels at launch, if you wanted a taste of what it was like during the legendary days, all you needed to do was to sit and watch.
2016 NMCA Bluegrass Sunday_13

Click on a photo below to see more of the Nostalgia Super Stock cars at Beech Bend!

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2 thoughts on “2016 NMCA Bluegrass Nationals: The Cars Of Nostalgia Super Stock!

  1. Grant Ligertwood

    Love to watch the wheelstanders. Very impressive! I’m surprised how few spectators there are.

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