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Bonneville Speed Week 2016: More Photos From The Pits

Bonneville Speed Week 2016: More Photos From The Pits

Saturday is when the Speed gets inserted into Speed Week here at Bonneville. Racing will be starting around 10am Wendover time and we’ll be right there ready and waiting. Because that’s a little later in the day for some of you guys and girls to our east, we kept some photos from yesterday up our sleeve to give you more cars, more trucks, more roadsters, and more wildly built one-off creations from the great white dyno.

We always struggle when people ask us what our favorite type of land speed racing car is. The stock bodied stuff is always close to the top of the list because there’s a lot of blunt force trauma happening to get those cars through the air. The streamliners are works of art and works of blood, sweat, and tears that cannot be accurately described unless you see them in person. The vintage engine stuff is great because there are people making stupid horsepower out of engines that the rest of the world has scrapped, and the small displacement stuff? How can you not love cars hauling ass with tiny engines that have no business making those sorts of time slips.

The cheap answer? We love ’em all.

Click the images below to expand them and then scroll to see ’em all –

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One thought on “Bonneville Speed Week 2016: More Photos From The Pits

  1. ratpatrol66

    The Hudson Boys Geo? Having driven a white Geo Metro this thing is awesome in a weird kind of way!

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