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Shop Invasion: DMC Racing – Eddie Kraewic’s Camaro and Alex Vettros’s Mustang Inside!

Shop Invasion: DMC Racing – Eddie Kraewic’s Camaro and Alex Vettros’s Mustang Inside!

Last week I put a note on Facebook to my local gearhead homies asking if I could steal a compression tester for a couple days. One of the first guys to answer the call was Dennis MacPherson the owner of DMC Racing, a shop that I have been away from for far too long. DMC has built and continues to build some of the baddest small tire drag race cars in the country. From the Corvette of Paul Major to the Mustang of Alex Vettros, and the hellacious Buick and Mustang of the DeMarco brothers, DMC has kicked out some truly awesome iron. Dennis was working on the 4th of July because frankly, that’s how the man rolls. DMC now has a full line of in-house manufactured components like rear end housings, a myriad of chassis parts, and with a full compliment of CNC machines and mills, the product line will be expanding ever larger in the future.

When I stopped by on the 4th, I had my camera with me, because it has basically morphed into a part of my body. Dennis was cool enough to take some time out of his Tig welding and shoot the breeze with us about the shop, the cars in it, and what’s going on in the future. Scroll down to see the photos from the shop and read the captions to learn what’s going on at one of the busiest and most well known drag race car fabrication shops in the country!

I mentioned that DMC is now building their own indestructible rear end housings. Here's one coming together on the jig. There's a ton of hand work in building these things.

Luckily, I had my ace assistant (and 5 year old son) Tom with me to give us the best angle on these brackets that will soon be part of a rear end housing. This is freaking art work. Really amazing craftsmanship here.

Dennis is really excited about the parts that DMC is now producing.

With a full time machinist on staff and a brain that works 100mph, MacPherson is constantly coming up with ideas on new stuff that can be made in house. We touched all these parts. HA!

This Monte Carlo SS is in the shop for a new nose and back half work. The car was already a nice piece according to Dennis but the owner wanted to step things up.

Step things up they did! Check this out. Carbon fiber tubs, all that nice tube work, and the new tank. Hawt!

Here's the Mustang of Alex Vettros, which DMC originally built. This thing has conquered the world a couple of times but was crashed recently. Dennis said that the basic structure of the car was not compromised, so it won't be long for them to turn it around.

Here's another look at the Mustang. The boys are already cranking on it.

Large turbo is LARGE! This bad boy is hanging off the front of Eddie Kraweic's, " Project Radial-ation" Camaro.

That turbo will be force feeding an LS engine built by Billy Briggs and topped by a dead sexy Marcella Manifold.

This thing is going to be beyond nasty when completed.

A gratuitous shot of the engine. Just because.

The plumbing work on this car is nearly as impressive as the chassis work. Look for more updates and details on this bad boy soon.

Here's Dennis's Z06 Corvette. He boiled the rear tires off of it and the new meats need to be installed.

A 325 is a WIDE ASS tire!














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4 thoughts on “Shop Invasion: DMC Racing – Eddie Kraewic’s Camaro and Alex Vettros’s Mustang Inside!

  1. Jim

    You folks are doing a bang up job, however, when are you going to get back to that white impala you were going explode?

  2. Piston Pete

    I first drank the BangShift Kool Aid about 3 years ago and I have to say that stories like this really keep me pumped about our hobby (addiction). Thanks to Brian and Chad for my daily gearhead fix. You guys are doing an awesome job. More later . . . gotta go see what sort of finance program my local Miller Electrics dealer has, then stop at my local vocational college (IvyTech) and sign up for welding classes. I wanna build shit like that. Seriously, this is a “Come to Jesus” moment for me.

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