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Holley LS Fest X: Cue The Hate Mail, It’s Time For Everything Non-GM From The Show!

Holley LS Fest X: Cue The Hate Mail, It’s Time For Everything Non-GM From The Show!

Every year, Holley puts on a hell of a show in Bowling Green that is centered around one engine family from General Motors that has developed a cult-like following. Every year, we go and immerse ourselves in that culture for a weekend, soaking up everything the community has to offer. And every year, armed with my trusty camera and a desire to hear the collective sound of heads exploding across the internet in everything from bona fide anger to one, en masse “WHY?!”, I show up at LS Fest with a goal: A picture of every non-General Motors product that wound up getting a new heartbeat somewhere along the path. I often refer to this as “smacking the hornet’s nest” because the end result is just about the same, but once a year my inner demon takes over and I just can’t help myself.

For LS Fest X, I walked in assuming that I was going to have a ball, and I was…right! All sorts of swaps showed up to play, from cars we’ve known like Suzy Bauter’s Rambler Wagon and the various Fords that Holley would be bringing to really one-off creations like the Grumman LLV postal truck and a Bricklin SV-1. The drifters are always good for a few Nissans, but I didn’t know anything about the Lincoln LS “Drift Taxi” until I saw it chilling under a tree, and for the Mopar contingent, there was a surprising amount of A-bodies that got the treatment, from the Demon to a couple of Darts, and even the later model Dodge Ram that showed up wearing a ‘Cuda-inspired paint job this year.

Your pitchforks, torches, tomatoes, cabbages, and whatever else will be welcomed in the comments section provided below!

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9 thoughts on “Holley LS Fest X: Cue The Hate Mail, It’s Time For Everything Non-GM From The Show!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Build a huge man shaped figure out of these abortions with the owners chained inside them and set it on fire while chanting “First On Race Day”..

  2. familyguy81

    While i don’t have as much hate for the LS as some, i find it interesting you guys have run like 50 different stories from LS fest and not 1 from drag week? Is Chad running the show now?

    1. 75Duster

      I completely agree with you familyguy81, I went to Street Machine TV and 1320 Video to get my Drag Week 2019 updates.
      And to set the record straight with Bangshift, and the LS crowd, I’m not hating on it as one of my friends just swapped one into his early Monte Carlo. But Bangshift has put too much emphasis on this engine, was Bangshift at Monster Musclecar weekend in St.Louis? How about the Fun Ford Weekend this year?

  3. Tom P

    I suppose the good side is after the owner spends several years trying to sell it and lowering the price too dirt cheap…. I might be able to score that 66 Fairlane less engine and put something proper in it.

    The Machine must just thrill the AMC fans. I don’t even like Pontiacs and Oldsmobiles with LS engines.

  4. nada

    I think people should do whatever they like with stuff that they own, because I believe that you should be allowed to OWN stuff… I’m not a communist.

  5. Realdeal

    Wow this is getting really ridiculous two of my comments get removed wow you are a total tool mctaggart and bangshift surprised you have the time with all your ls postings and copied and pasted articles

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