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More Of Chiluk’s Photos From Columbus Goodguys Show

More Of Chiluk’s Photos From Columbus Goodguys Show

Here is our second gallery of photos that we have to share from Bob at the Goodguys show in Columbus.

(Photos by Chiluk) If you are a regular here on BANGshift, then you know that Bob Chiluk has been shooting photos and hanging out at events with us for a long time. He’s an OG BANGshifter and one hell of a badass person in general. Those of you that have been paying attention know that Mike Brooks shot a ton of photos from the Columbus Goodguys show and we’ve been posting all his photos for the past couple of weeks.

But when Chiluk hit me up and said he had photos uploaded that we could use, there was no way we weren’t going to share them with all of you. So here they are, the first of a couple of galleries of photos from Bob Chiluk.

And if you missed our previous Goodguys photos, use the link below.


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One thought on “More Of Chiluk’s Photos From Columbus Goodguys Show

  1. greg

    I could tell these are Bob’s photos without you saying these are Bob’s photos. I’ve seen Bob lay on the track next to the burnout box to get the angle he wanted. He suffers for his art.

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