ARP Shop Tour Video: You Think You Know But You Have No Idea – Incredible Place

ARP Shop Tour Video: You Think You Know But You Have No Idea – Incredible Place

It’s almost comical how some thins we just take for granted. Things like the awesome fasteners that ARP makes for so many different applications. Where do they come from, beyond the packaging? Well, they come from one of the most incredible manufacturing facilities in the automotive aftermarket. This is not some backyard operation that manages to get some boxes out each day. This is an enormous multi-building complex that is located in California which will boggle your mind.

The true secret to ARP’s success in owning the fastener market is not just the superior engineering but also the fact that every step of the manufacturing process is done under one roof. They have complete quality control over everything they make and that means there’s no excuses for mistakes, defects, or quality problems.

From the inventories of bar stock and wire to the actual machines and processes that go into manufacturing their products, this video is killer. We love visiting places like this but we more love showing off the bad ass places in our industry that create the things so many of you use each day. When you are buying ARP fasteners you are supporting a LOT of American jobs and an incredible company legacy. This rules.

Press play below to take a tour of the incredible ARP facility in California –

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4 thoughts on “ARP Shop Tour Video: You Think You Know But You Have No Idea – Incredible Place

  1. Loren

    I don’t see a play to press… ARP was once cool enough to give Car Craft Anti-Tour participants a shop tour which I’ll always remember. No secrets except for maybe material compositions…just some amazing tooling and a very high level of care put into each process. Plus I think they were trying to grab every good thread rolling machine that came onto the world market as their sales were going up, up…

    About then I did notice a drum of bolts at a black oxide company elsewhere with “ARP” on the shop traveler, not that it’s some critical thing, but maybe that’s done in-house too now.

  2. Gino Larry Ofria

    If you ever traveling down Hwy 126 on the way to or from Ventura, CA, do yourself a favor and stop at the ARP factory for breakfast, lunch or dinner. There is a great little restaurant there called “Hozy’s Grill.” They have a neat automotive racing decor. You’ll love it.

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