Aussie Drag Challenge Coverage: Day One Racing And Check In!

Aussie Drag Challenge Coverage: Day One Racing And Check In!

After multiple Aussies became regulars on Hot Rod Drag Week years and years ago there was an incredibly smart contingent that decided to put on their own event, and the Street Machine TV Drag Challenge was born. With Covid causing the 2020 event to be pushed to 2021, and then 2022 when floods caused it to be pushed again, it’s finally happening now in 2023. Featuring some of the hottest drag and drive cars that Oz has to offer, this is one cool event and the scenery this year is excellent. Like all the drag and drive events here in North America it involves racing at one track and then finishing up and driving to the next to do it all again the next day. And just like everywhere else, competitors are required to carry their own tools, supplies, and spares, either in their car or in a small trailer they tow behind it.

Here’s the thing though. Australian vehicle laws are WAY more stringent than the United States. We whine about our vehicle laws here, but it is much worse there.

While the laws do very a bit from one area of Australia to another, generically speaking they are limited to tires and wheels that are one inch or so larger than stock. That means there is no legal way to run down the road on a 275 tire in most cases, let alone a set of drag radials. They are doing it mind you, but the risk for being cited is considerably higher than here in the States.

Luckily, these guys are hard core and don’t care so they are racing anyway!


Here’s the video coverage from Check In and Race Day 1. We’ll have more coming tomorrow!

Video Description:

Here’s the event that we’ve been waiting three years to run! This Drag Challenge was supposed run in 2020, but got bumped to 2021, then 2022 and then floods pushed it to 2023. Check out some of the awesome cars entered.

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