Finnegan’s Caddy Project Is Out Of Control! Floors and Chassis In The Trash!

Finnegan’s Caddy Project Is Out Of Control! Floors and Chassis In The Trash!

When you decide you want an 8 second, 200 mph, street car the natural choice for platform is something light and easy to build. So deciding to do it with a 1961 Cadillac is NOT the smartest choice in the world. Of course smart doesn’t always mean fun, so this is the fun way to do it and the easy way can be damned. Finnegan took the Caddy over to MRC to have the floors cut out, the chassis fabbed up, and the old thrown away in favor of the new. It’s not pretty at this stage normally, but this car is so clean and solid that this is really fun to watch, even if some Caddy fans are cringing. I love old Cadillacs and I totally approve. Get it on MRC and Finnegan.

In this video the car arrives at MRC where Finnegan and Newbern work with the entire MRC crew to quickly dismantle and prep the Caddy for a new mandrel bent chassis they are putting together. It will be a cool, low, well designed chassis capable of handling the horsepower. With rear suspension geometry specs coming from Customs by Bigun, who will be handling chassis setup and a custom roll cage, this car promises to be a riot to drive and something that will go way fast despite the weight. How much lighter will it be with the new chassis though? Any guesses? We’ll see.


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16 thoughts on “Finnegan’s Caddy Project Is Out Of Control! Floors and Chassis In The Trash!

  1. bob

    I still can’t believe he cut up, make that destroyed, an incredibly clean 61 cady. I hope the only thing on his 55 hemi explosion that can be saved is the valve covers.

  2. Gary

    bob, I’m with you. He isn’t building an 8 second Caddy. He’s building an 8 second race car, from scratch, with a Caddy body carrying the paint, or graphics. Big Freakin’ deal. Not a fan of crap like this.
    There were a couple of guys in Tulsa probably 15 or so years ago that just had a nice Cady, they built the engine and strapped on a big roots style blower and NOS, and had a blast with it. But it was still a nice Caddy!
    Disclaimer: I loath all things GM, so for me to compliment those Tulsa boys is a big thing.

  3. PT

    Nothing better to work on than a clean straight car – why repair a rusty bent piece of crap to put on a brand new chassis. Finnegan has brought more than his share of rotten corpses back to life, let him create something awesome and ridiculous.

    1. MrThatGuy

      Hey, John’s done his fare share of not killing lots of people, so lay off of him killing that “one guy, that one time.”

      You’re missing the logic.

        1. MrThatGuy

          It’s called a metaphor. They’re used to draw conclusions of analogous reasoning, it does not mean that cutting up a car is on equal moral footing as murder.

          I guess this is why disagreeing on the internet is so useful.

  4. Tom

    Not that big of a Finn fan without DF but this seals the deal. I guess outrageous brings in the likes on youtube which brings in the money. Its his car so……

  5. T$$$

    He likes the style, which is bitchin’ for sure. He got lucky and found a straight car that caught his eye, and he created vision around it. Yes he cut up a straight car, happens in the custom car world all the time. And last i checked, Caddies just dont bring big money, stock or restored (and they are ungodly expensive to restore). Bunch of Haters around here!

  6. Rick Simpson

    I can’t for the life of me understand the whole deal. Get on social media. Get on YouTube. Etc etc. Do stupid builds and stupid stuff, not ever really accomplishing anything. Where are the records and wins. But generate the money to build stuff like this. I guess people give them parts and labor. But why?

  7. Nate

    Hotrodding isn’t just about setting records or winning awards. He’s learning new skills and meeting new people while building stuff he enjoys. I’m guessing that’s what he set out to accomplish.

  8. Jay Bree

    Car deserved a much smarter owner.

    This is just crap for clicks and this kind of stupidity is why I cancelled my Hot Rod subscription

  9. Ron

    All y’all haters. It’s his car. Not yours. He can do whatever the hell he wants to with it.
    Would I do it? No. But I’ve most likely done things he would do.
    Some of my projects.
    426 Hemi in a GTO. Someone (most likely a hater) firebombed it.
    427 FE in a Chevelle.
    440 Six Pac in a Pacer. Could barely get in the car using the right door. Forget the left.
    They were my cars and I did what I wanted. And I didn’t care what folks thought. I’m sure Finnegan doesn’t care what you think of his Caddy project.
    Latest project.
    6.2 Hemi in an International Scout. Helping my grandson on it.

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