Fox Body Mustang Hydraulic Clutch Swap: Get Rid Of The Cable Clutch With The New Hydramax System

Fox Body Mustang Hydraulic Clutch Swap: Get Rid Of The Cable Clutch With The New Hydramax System

This new Hydramax kit from American Powertrain is a huge upgrade for all you Fox Body Mustang owners out there who have a stick shift car, or who want to convert your automatic car to a stick shift. Why does it matter? Well the factory system on a Fox Body Mustang was a cable-operated clutch and that need adjustment, isn’t necessarily the fastest acting, and isn’t nearly as durable in the long run. This new under dash system from American Powertrain is a game changer in that it makes use of modern parts to create a hydraulic clutch actuation system that is smooth, easy, fast, and comfortable to use and install. If I had a Fox Mustang, this would be the system I’d be installing.

Below is all the info from American Powertrain, so check it out.

New HYDRAMAX Under-Dash Hydraulic Clutch
System for Fox Body Mustangs

Cookeville, TN (September 30, 2021) – American Powertrain now introduces the new HYDRAMAX true bolt-in, under-dash Hydraulic Clutch System designed for 1979-1993 Fox body Mustangs that completely eliminates the need for a cable actuated clutch pedal. The new system features an integrated under-dash hydraulic master cylinder and a bolt-in clutch pedal. The included clutch pedal allows for an easy conversion of a cable clutch equipped car to hydraulic, or an automatic car to manual. The kit is easy to use and requires no complicated adjustments — everything can be bolted-in, then simply bleed the slave cylinder.

The new HYDRAMAX kit includes a master cylinder, clutch pedal, lines and a billet HYDRAMAX hydraulic slave cylinder bearing. The conical slave cylinder is pre-bled, dual sealed and comes with shims to adjust the distance to the clutch fingers for any type of clutch set-up. Included is a billet reservoir to finish out the install. These kits work with any TREMEC transmission including the T5, TKO/TKX and T-56 Magnum 6-speed.

American Powertrain’s patented HYDRAMAX hydraulic systems and components are the most advanced systems on the market today. Systems include every fitting, line and part needed for a complete, worry-free installation including detailed instructions, video guides and tech support.

American Powertrain, a TREMEC Elite Distributor located in Cookeville, TN, manufacturers and sells ProFit modern overdrive transmission systems, Science Friction clutches and flywheels, HYDRAMAX hydraulic clutch systems, X-Factor Crossmembers and thousands of powertrain accessories for muscle, sports, street rod and race cars.

For more information about the new HYDRAMAX Under Dash Hydraulic Clutch System, visit To speak with one of American Powertrain’s highly qualified sales technicians, call 931-646-4836.

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