Need More Fuel For Your Horsepower Dreams? Check Out These Drop In Modules For Big Power

Need More Fuel For Your Horsepower Dreams? Check Out These Drop In Modules For Big Power

There are so many ways to fuel a hot rod, muscle car, race car, or late model today, regardless of how much horsepower you want to make. Some of those options are super simple, while others require new tanks, new plumbing, and all kinds of other components. And while all the options work, there are some applications where making big changes and adding thousands of dollars in components either isn’t in the budget or just doesn’t make sense for the application. Unfortunately, the ease with which you can make real horsepower these days gets some folks into a scenario where their power level exceeds their fuel system and intended use of the car. Lets face it, there are a lot of people who have 500 or more horsepower in standard street car that won’t ever be raced or anything like that. So does that car really need a fancy fuel cell, a jillion feet of AN and all the crazy fittings that go with it? Maybe not.

Or what if you have a car you want to keep “stock” looking but with big power? You don’t want to give up that look with all kinds of race car parts do you? That’s where drop-in modules for stock tanks come in handy. With this advancement in fuel system components, you can pull your stock sending unit out of your tank, and drop in a brand new electric fuel pump module designed to handle up to 750 horsepower. And there is no cutting, no welding, no drilling. It installs just like factory, is internally regulated, and only requires wiring to get the electricity to the tank. Super simple, clean, and easy.

This could be the perfect solution for so many folks who want to convert to EFI but don’t need a new tank, new lines, etc. Check out the video below and use the link to see them for your application.


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