Class Racer Nationals Photos: Wheels Up Big And Small Tire Drag Racing Action!

Class Racer Nationals Photos: Wheels Up Big And Small Tire Drag Racing Action!

(Words by Joe Grippo, Photos by Dan Grippo) Thanks to Dan and Joe Grippo we’ve got great photos and coverage from the Class Racer Nationals at Numidia Raceway, and we couldn’t be happier. I grew up racing Stock Eliminator, the original small tire drag racers, and always loved them and Super Stockers. They are fun to watch, look like the cars we all know and love whether old or new, and they do big burnouts and big wheelstands. What’s not to love people? Here’s the writeup from Joe, and photos from Dan are at the bottom of the page. If you missed our first gallery, USE THE LINK BELOW to see them all.

A new trend in drag racing and some other motorsports in the last few years has been racers trying their hand and promoting their own races. Most have been successful, and they have been able to really tailor these events to a particular audience. These niche races are proving to be very popular. NHRA Sportsman racers have had a few specialized events to choose from recently throughout the country. Stock Eliminator racer Ken Miele is the latest to jump into the promotion waters by putting on the Class Racer Nationals at picturesque Numidia Raceway in the hills of central Pennsylvania over the weekend.

The very loose definition of a Class Racer is basically a driver who competes in the Stock and Super Stock Eliminator categories, which are highly scienced out mostly vintage and modern muscle cars with pretty strict adherence to the rule book and utilizing many factory spec parts. These cars and trucks are classified into a variety of automatic and stick shift classes by shipping weight and factored horsepower. These were the only classes held at the race and that was all that was needed.

Beautifully detailed machines doing big burnouts and massive wheelstands are the norm for these racers and they did not disappoint. In this drag racing fanatic’s warped mind, stockers and super stockers are the greatest things going down the strip today. And while that’s just this writer’s opinion, look at the galleries my brother Dan Grippo captured and tell me I’m wrong.


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