Our Rocky Mountain Race Week Photos Keep On Coming. Check These Out!

Our Rocky Mountain Race Week Photos Keep On Coming. Check These Out!

(Photos by Cole Reynolds) It has been a pretty fun Rocky Mountain Race Week, with Cole and Stephen and I cruising cross country in the Camaro. I wish the car was faster, but considering we threw it together from a bunch of mismatched parts, we’re pretty excited that it has been running so well and cruising down the back roads like a champ. We’ve had lots of photos for you to see, and we’ll have more coming over the next few days as well, but here is our latest.

Our day at Julesburg yesterday was an exciting one, especially for Troy Clark who crashed his coupe BAD but walked away. Thank god for a well built cage, properly worn safety gear, and a track staff that sprang into action immediately. Great job Julesburg staff and crew. Troy, we were so thrilled to see you walk out of that car. Sorry for the carnage, but it can be rebuilt. That’s one bad hot rod.

In addition to our photos, we are going to be posting our favorite cars from Rocky Mountain Race Week sometime next week as there are a ton of really bitchin hot rods here. Some incredibly unique stuff that we just can’t get enough of as well.

Don’t forget, 1320Video has been here all week shooting videos and photos as well and you’ll see those videos on their YouTube Channel RIGHT HERE. 


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2 thoughts on “Our Rocky Mountain Race Week Photos Keep On Coming. Check These Out!

  1. MGBChuck

    Chad and Family, have seen you in a few of the the videos out there, looks like a great time, Camaro is lookin’ good. Next year you can add some FAST to it.

  2. Gary D

    I love the photos – background of open fields rather than grandstands. As for the Model A, I think that tech inspection needs to be really thorough with these old cars. That thing blew apart like a pumpkin dropped from a bridge. But it looked beautiful and he did have the lead before the you know what hit the fan.


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