Here Is Your Chance To Own One Unique Gasser! This 1959 F100 Is On Its Way To Greatness!

Here Is Your Chance To Own One Unique Gasser! This 1959 F100 Is On Its Way To Greatness!

Gassers are cool. Everyone wants one. Hell, I know guys who have never owned anything like them that are building their own gassers right now. And for good reason, they are awesome. Sure they handle runny, they aren’t the most comfortable thing to ride in, and they usually make sacrifices as nice drivers towards better looks or performance. We understand that, and are totally fine with it. Gassers are just plane cool. And right now people are making them out of anything and everything. Trucks, imports, sedans, wagons, you name it. And among all those body styles there are event different styles. Super high cartoonish looking cars vs lower, more subtle, versions. And don’t forget coil overs vs leaf springs. That’s a whole ‘nother faction that causes some arguments among the die hards. Well we don’t really care. If it speaks to us, then it speaks to us. And this 1959 Ford F100 speaks to us. It still needs  a little work to finish it up, but it sits right, looks cool, and we’d drive the hell out of it. After all, what’s not to like about a stripped down pickup with a big block, dual quads, and slicks?

1959 ford f100 gasser 2

Here is all the info from the seller:

I have a 59 ford f100 gasser looking to sell or trade.

Motor is a 460 bbf with brand new crank shaft comp cam noisy cat gear drive water pump oil pump hei distributor msd wires and ignition box all new wiring gauges. Wiend high rise manifold with 2 holly carbs. New carb linkage and velocity stacks. New fuel pump fuel cell lines. Alternator coil Disk brake conversion up front with new booster and master cylinder new brake lines. Rebuilt c6 trans 4 linked rear end with ford 9″ brand new M/T slicks with brand new rims. New bucket seat tilt front end. Custom made fender well headers all new engine gaskets. The list goes on and on… basically everything on the truck is new!

Needs!… a drive shaft made. Carbs need to be rebuilt and some wiring needs to be finished. Also motor is completely apart because it needs new push rod bearings.

I am burnt out and tired of putting money into this truck.

Will take 10,000 cash or trade for a good running pre 1964 lead sled hot rod rat rod truck. Must be equal value…. I should be asking more… NO long beds or 4 doors unless done clean.

Contact me at (559) 920-0002

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