I Wish Santa Had Put This One In My Stocking For Christmas!

I Wish Santa Had Put This One In My Stocking For Christmas!

There are a million things that would be cool to get for Christmas but this Chevette is definitely the one I wish I had gotten this week! At $1,200, this is one affordable hot rod project and one that would kick ass with a junkyard LS build under the hood. Add a couple of turbos to that combo and this thing could be something to watch. It’s just so cute and weird that we can’t keep 0ur eyes off of it.

Here is all the info from the seller. Now tell us why we shouldn’t own this thing.


This is a great hot rod project… NO MOTOR or trans…Was gonna put v8 in it . Have other projects to do ..These are hard to find the chevette scooter model , 2 seater …lol

asking $1200.


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6 thoughts on “I Wish Santa Had Put This One In My Stocking For Christmas!

  1. HotRodPop

    100% AGREE! What was the name of that Chevette that Hot Rod did back in the (I think) ’90s with (againz, I think… Jeeeze, I’m gettin’ old!) Caddy power? Well, remember, that was in Cali, the land of fruits and nuts, and “THAT AIN’T HAPPENIN!” We get by with some wild [email protected]#t down here in Texas! Have at it, baby!

  2. Derrell

    That was Steve Mangate (spelling?) I kept that issue Of Hot Rod forever and finally a few years ago, I tried to get in touch with Steve about buying it, if it was for sale, but never got anywhere. I thought I read somewhere they took the engine out and did something with the body.

  3. ratpatrol66

    I think the Chevette deal cost Steve Magnante his job at Hotrod mag? Go ahead Reynolds hook up with Steve and do another Caddy hack Chevette.

  4. Dave

    There was one that went thru auction a few months back.

    It. Had a 408 co motor belive it. Was Jim Oddy•S OLD CAR IN 80, . CASH. AUCTIONS. .COM. BUFFALO. MY .

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