This 1957 Anglia Gasser Has Been In Storage For 35 Years!

This 1957 Anglia Gasser Has Been In Storage For 35 Years!

You have to check this thing out! After being in storage for 35 years, this 1957 Anglia Gasser has come back into the light of day. The owner says this is a nicely built car, not a pile of crap, and that it runs like a champ. We assume it does, because it is powered by a Chevy 6 and those things run like a top with or without oil. We know, because we’ve seen them do it at the swap meets. Anyway, back to the Anglia.

We’re totally enthralled with this one because of the odd engine and trans combo. The Chevy six is who knows how big, and is backed by a Th350. It’s got tripower, and goodies from Crane make it snappier. We’re not sure how quick it is, but we’re pretty sure it’s quicker than you would think. Look at it. It can’t weigh anything. There are lots of cool little things on this Anglia that will make you smile if you know anything about little drag cars. Look where the throttle pedal is for example. And the angle of the driver’s seat. This thing is cool.


Here is the info from the seller:

1957 anglia gasser, out of a Texas garage after 35 years storage.built around 1968, raced till 1979, built chevy 6,turbo 350,3 two barrel rochesters, crane cam and roller rockers,6 into 1 header, olds rearend un narrowed, beautifully built not a cobbled pile, runs good ,call for more details, museum quality.not seen in public in 35years .old race car no vin or pink slip,bill of sale only. Trades? Call Steve: (661) 666-7784

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8 thoughts on “This 1957 Anglia Gasser Has Been In Storage For 35 Years!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    This is an Escort or a Squire which was the estate version of the 100E Popular – but it might have been called an Anglia in the states. It looks a bit out of proportion with that weird rake and wheel/tyre combo, and the shiny Chevy six looks nice but blown Y block would be more fitting.

  2. Gary Smrtic

    Can’t get any more period perfect than something that hasn’t been changed since it was built! I’d question whether it’s a gasser or altered, though, and would think it’s an altered. I’d have to see where the front spark plug falls in relation to the front spindle, because that would make the detirmination….

  3. Dan Stokes

    If I could see the right side of the engine better I could tell you for sure, but I think that’s a 292, not a 250. The 292s had the distributor in the right front and the 250s had the distributors about mid-block on the right. A 292 cam will not work in a 250 and visa-versa – the distributor won’t spin. Either way, a great engine.

    I currently have 3 250s sitting in the shop they have have a new home as soon as the buyer (a friend) has time to fetch them.


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