This Vintage 1971 Mustang Fiberglass Funny Car Body Could Be The Ultimate Artwork For Your Shop!

This Vintage 1971 Mustang Fiberglass Funny Car Body Could Be The Ultimate Artwork For Your Shop!

I’m in the process of building a new house and shop in Texas and have been looking for cool wall and shop art for the new place to make it look BANGshifty and cool. I don’t need anything just yet, but I figured I might as well keep my eyes peeled in case some deal I just can’t pass up comes along. One thing I’d really love to have is an old funny car body to hang on the wall or from the ceiling, so I keep checking Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist just to see what might be out there. Well since I’m a Chevrolet guy to the core, nothing but GM will do really, even though this is one bad ass Mustang Funny Car body. But just because I don’t want it doesn’t mean it isn’t the right thing for you, right? The seller doesn’t give a lot of info about it, other than to say it is a Vintage 1970 Mustang Fiberglass Funny Car Body which is funny since it is at least a 1973 model based on the grille. Regardless, it is cool, and we’re sure that some Ford nut out there just has to have it.

I’m pretty sure this thing would look amazing on top of a bar, hanging from the ceiling, or hanging from the wall in a really cool living room. Are you the Ford guy that needs it? I would be willing to bet that the asking price is negotiable, after all how many people are lining up to buy and old Funny Car body?



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7 thoughts on “This Vintage 1971 Mustang Fiberglass Funny Car Body Could Be The Ultimate Artwork For Your Shop!

  1. Steve Hammann

    Chad, I built tons of wall clocks for self rehabilitation after a stroke I had 10 years ago out of recycled car parts and assorted car related stuff. The website link I entered shows several if you scroll through it. Send your shipping address to my email and I’ll send you a random one for your shop. I have sold a few and given some to friends but I still have a TON of them, LOL.

    Steve Hammann
    Carlinville, IL

  2. Cole

    I say buy it and it’ll grow on you. I hated fords. After many Chevy and Dodge trucks, I bought a Super Duty. The style has grown on me. Even though I still think the Cummins has the best Diesel engine, I think Super Duty’s have the best style today.

  3. Jeff

    why hang it on a wall when you can hang it on a chassis and have a nostalgia funny car…hell if I had the money I’d be all over it

  4. Antonio Garanzuay

    Interested in buying. What is wheelbase in body? Where can I see body in Texas. I’m in San Antonio Texas. Cell # 210 286-5635.

  5. Afton Jackson

    I like that you share that you found an old chassis you plan for your room decor. If it was me and my wife we would get a custom body for it. We would like an auto parts expert to help us out if there are 1967-1968 Mustang Fiberglass For Sale nearby.

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