Amen Brother! You Don’t Need 37 M’fers To Go To The Starting Line! Tim McAmis Rules All.

Amen Brother! You Don’t Need 37 M’fers To Go To The Starting Line! Tim McAmis Rules All.

I often get sideways looks of disgust when I talk about how it annoys me that everyone nowadays needs someone to pull them into the staging beams at the dragstrip. If you are sitting within a couple inches of the stock location, in a stock bodied car, there is zero reason to need someone pulling you into the beams. I know plenty of guys with Pro Mod style cars that don’t use someone to pull into the beams and if you are familiar enough with your car you should know where the front tires are in relation to the starting line. But this isn’t about me. This is about Tim McAmis and his opinion on starting line procedures. As usual, Tim is being informative and entertaining all in one. He’s certainly not afraid to tell you what he thinks, and most of the time he’s right. I love watching his videos and we share most all of them right here on because they either teach you something or entertain you or both.

When Tim says, at 57 seconds into the video, “You don’t need 37 M’fers going to the starting line with you.” I laughed and about fell out of my chair. Amen brother, amen. I’m opening a big bag of popcorn right now, carry on.

Watch and be entertained.

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18 thoughts on “Amen Brother! You Don’t Need 37 M’fers To Go To The Starting Line! Tim McAmis Rules All.

  1. claymore

    I Really like this guys advice on all subjects. But this one is 100% totally correct.

  2. Johnnyblackheart

    Like I’ve said for years, if you need help pulling in the beams, you shouldn’t be driving.

  3. KCR

    Enough said. I just cant understand why they let so many people up on the track. He is completely correct!

  4. Singapore Hot Rod

    I always enjoy watching the two omnipresent fat guys attached to the wing of any no prep street car during the burnout.

    No way anyone can make a good pass without those guys on the crew.

    1. Randy Williams

      Nice try. I don’t believe I have ever seen you drive or stage a P/S or P/M without help or a sissy stick adjustment. Be a leader not just a fucking driver. Have your shit ready to go when you start the engine.

  5. john

    we run a fed. my son does the burnout and backs up and stages by himself. I just watch it for any issues. only thing we would like to have is a bikini back up girl. lol

  6. dgkc

    Love it. Agree 110%. Let’s not forget the idiots who help and “push” the car into the beams out of the water box. That always sets me off. Your 14 second stocker don’t need help, nor does you boring SG roadster getting ready to hit the delay box. If it can’t stage itself, figure it out before you get called to the staging lanes.

    And I’m not even going start in on the NP stuff.

    Sorry I blew up…..but great post!!

  7. Dave

    I would like to here Tim’s take on N.H.R.A cars that have 37 Mfers working in the pit area.

  8. Ted

    Brings up a great point for driver’s meetings. Most of these clown shows also take wayyyyy too much time pushing/grunting/fanning doors so now would be a good time to enact a track/NHRA rule that only cars running 7.99 or quicker be allowed crew on the track past the burnout box. And even then only one member.

    Love the wheelie bar comment Erica…….bhahahahahah………

  9. Patrick

    Love this, as a road racer, once the five minute board goes up too bad, not ready , won’t start, can’t finish strapping in by yourself, TOO BAD. Drag racing takes the least amount of track time but the most time spent EFFING around for a run.

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