The WILD Side of NO PREP Drag Racing – Wheelstands, Crashes and Saves

The WILD Side of NO PREP Drag Racing – Wheelstands, Crashes and Saves

Let’s face it, No Prep Drag Racing has become so popular with viewers because of the near misses, spins, and carnage. I mean that’s what put No Prep racing on the map, and people love to see it. When the mantra of a racing-style starts out with the term “Never Lift”, you know that it is going to be both crazy and scary, likely during the same run. So when our friends at Urban Hillbilly Video put out a best of video from their archives that features all the saves, spins, wheelstands, and crashes that they have caught over the years. Trust me, there is some entertaining stuff here.

Keep in mind, every driver in this video was okay after getting out of the car!

Video Description:

Some of the wild No Prep Drag Racing moments that I have filmed over the years. All of the drivers were OK! I love filming this type of racing, but I hate seeing these hot rods get tore up. My goal is to bring High Quality footage of some the best Heads Up Drag Racing, No Prep, Street Racing, Street Outlaws, Offroading, Mud Racing, Car Shows and anything else with wheels, While we are known for our 20+ years of Drag Racing coverage from Drag Strips all across the country and our Drag Racing DVD’s, our main focus now is providing our URBAN HILLBILLY VIDEOS YouTube channel a steady stream of new HD videos, as well as loading classic footage from the UHV vault.

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3 thoughts on “The WILD Side of NO PREP Drag Racing – Wheelstands, Crashes and Saves

  1. Jay Bree

    The Cleetus of drag racing. Let’s wreck cool stuff for yucks.
    A lot of these drivers either can’t drive or have no motor control of their right foot.

  2. Gene Yates

    Super cool always loved the drag strip when I was younger we had an outlaw track at creeds it was a ww2 runway In the pungo section of VA beach for a brief time one guy I helped some
    Crutis built a 440 duster two fours tunnel ram 727; touque flight steel bellhousing trans blanket did not matter when the trnns blew it took 2hrs to clean the track

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