How To Video: Building Custom Spark Plug Wires At Home Isn’t Hard, And Makes For A Super Clean Install

How To Video: Building Custom Spark Plug Wires At Home Isn’t Hard, And Makes For A Super Clean Install

If you have a stock, meaning un-modified, car and need a new set of spark plug wires, there is absolutely nothing wrong with going down to your local parts store and buying a replacement set. It’s what I would do, and so would most anyone. A set specifically designed to replace your original components, with another set that are exactly the same insures that they will fit right, won’t be near stuff that could damage them, and will fit into whatever hold downs or organizers the factory used on your engine. But if you have an engine swap that is more than just throwing a complete factory engine in your car, are relocating factory components, or are working on something that makes a lot more power and needs much better plug wires, then making them yourself is the smart choice.

Sure, you can buy pre-made high performance plug wire kits, and those may be fine for your particular application. But if you want something that truly fits the way you want, or need something that fits in a strange installation, then making them is pretty simple if you just have the right tools. And those tools come with the spark plug wire kits that are designed for you to terminate at your custom lengths. Sort of.

Yes, the kits come with a set of dies that work in your vise to clamp and crimp the spark plug wires, and if you aren’t planning to ever do another set they will work just fine. But if you think you’ll ever do another set, we recommend buying a set of spark plug wire crimpers. They can be purchased from the spark plug wire manufacturers or you can buy a set of crimpers that feature interchangeable dies that work to make spark plug wires and much more.

In this video you’ll see just how straight forward it is to cut and crimp the ends on your own spark plug wires, so check it out and then get yourself a set and start playing with the routing. Once you have the plug wires laid out the way you want them, mark and number each one so you can crimp them to the perfect length.

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