Summernats 34: More Power, More Burnouts, More Fun!

Summernats 34: More Power, More Burnouts, More Fun!

Day 4 action from Summernats 2022 is right here, and if you missed Day 3 use the link below to check it out!

Every single hot rodder on the planet knows about Summernats and there isn’t anyone out there who doesn’t think this event would be cool as hell to attend. And why not, it’s got cruising, burnouts, dyno sessions, car show, burnouts, and did we mention burnouts? This is one of the biggest shows in the world and there is no doubt that the Aussies are as die-hard as they come. Just watch all the action, and all the spectators, that are getting up close and personal with all the action this year.

The Street Machine TV crew were on hand for all of Summernats 34 and their action-packed videos really got rolling with Day 3’s tire-smoking action.

What we love about Summernats is not only the shear scale of this event and how intense the action is, but the variety of activities. We’re talking about a show that has indoor and outdoor car shows, and a bunch of loud and exciting action as well. The dyno shootout features all kinds of rides pulling into the arena to have the hub dyno bolted up to see what kind of power they can really put down. With lots of classes the levels vary, but it is certainly fun to watch. Then there is the cruising. It’s fun, there are tons of spectators and fans, and it gives everyone the chance to be a star.

But when you think Aussie car show you think burnouts, or skids as they call them, and that means lots of tire smoke and rev limiters being pushed to the moon. At this event they have skid row, where show participants can line up next to fans inside the barriers and let it rip. No spins, no donuts, no shenanigans, but they still get to spin the tires and put on a smoke show for folks. When you are ready for the ultimate smoke show and want all the high rpm and high speed action you expect from an Australian burnout competition, the burnout pad is the spot and will not disappoint. Check it out.


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