Better By Design: Mark Williams Enterprises Disc Brakes Haul You Down Without Slowing You Down

Better By Design: Mark Williams Enterprises Disc Brakes Haul You Down Without Slowing You Down

Brakes are a super interesting topic. On the mechanical front, they are cool for the job they perform, the manner in which they perform it, and how consistently they continue to do the job, even under harsh circumstances. The other side of the deal that is fascinating is that brakes always seem to get lost behind the stuff that makes horsepower in hot rodder’s and racer’s minds, right? How dumb! Mark Williams Enterprises disc brakes hall you down without slowing you down, meaning that they are going to work when you need them but not carry extra weight, gadgets, or parts that can fail.

Below is a load of awesome tech and information about Mark Williams products and brake engineering in general. These guys literally make everything up there and they love teaching people about it was well.

Check out the whole story on Mark Williams Enterprises Disc Brakes below –

In Designing its disc brake systems, MW’s engineering team focused on the needs of drag racing: lightest possible unsprung weight and rotating mass, concentrated severe braking, and a long service life. By all measures, MW has achieved its goals. Here’s why:
  • Reinforced caliper design is proven more rigid than
    one-piece units, reduces deflection for better  stopping
  • Aerospace alloy aluminum, four 7/16″ fasteners plus bridge bolt make it the absolute strongest caliper on the market
  • Exclusive Slot-Drive™ disc drivers help maintain rotor flatness and eliminate warpage
  • Stress-relieved and double disc-ground steel rotors eliminate the run-out common to lesser quality brakes
  • 3/8″ bleed screws plus internal passages eliminate common problem of broken bleeders
  • Specially designed 5/16″ thick 7075 aluminum caliper mounting brackets assure precise alignment at minimum weight

Carbon/Carbon Brake Kits

  • Eliminates brake fade at elevated temperatures; far superior to steel
  • Features premium grade, matched carbon fiber rotors and pads
  • Up to 10 lbs. less rotating weight than steel rotors
  • Unique drive lug system compensates for aluminum hat expansion without applying pressure to the rotor

Brake Tech from the Experts

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