The Big One: Watch This Brazilian Drag Car Blow Up In A Blazing Fury – Wild In-Car Video!

The Big One: Watch This Brazilian Drag Car Blow Up In A Blazing Fury – Wild In-Car Video!

This video is in parts wild, in parts spectacular, and in parts a cautionary tale. The wild part is pretty obvious. As you will see, Sabrina Lorene was absolutely flying down the track in her eight valve VW powered hot rod when you’ll see the machine blow up in a blazing fury. She does an awesome job getting the car stopped and keeping it in her lane despite the fact that fire is belching into the cockpit all over the place.

While we don’t know the specific combo here, we have to guess that this thing is on a pretty good load of nitrous. There is an under hood shot that shows a couple rows of fuel injectors feeding the engine so we know it is making some real power to require that much fuel delivery but we’re not 100% sure on the nitrous side of things. Call  it an educated guess it you will.

You will see Lorene’s reaction upon getting out of the car. A first it appears to be complete adrenaline and then the gravity of what just happens seems to come over her and she slumps down next to the wall. We’re glad she was OK. The cautionary part of this comes from the absolute need to have your firewall sealed in your race car, especially one this fast. All of that fire that was in the cockpit could have been prevented if the holes in the firewall had been welded up and properly covered with sheet steel. We know too many people who have been burned in this manner. It is like being in a blast furnace and we’d hate to see it happen to anyone else.

There is an interview with Lorene after the craziness ends but unfortunately we cannot translate because, well, we barely have a handle on the English language we have been speaking all of our lives let alone another we don’t know.

Press play below to see this Brazilian drag car blow up in a blazing fury –

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