Friday BOOM: A Blown Slick Tears a 1938 Chevy to Shreds

Friday BOOM: A Blown Slick Tears a 1938 Chevy to Shreds

Thankfully, exploding drag slicks are a relative rarity at the strip. That’s a good thing because when they let go, major damage is a 100% guarantee. Take this nice 1938 Chevy for example. The car, formerly owned by BangShift member was getting ready to run down the track at the Mooneyes Christmas party, held at Irwindale. Things go horribly wrong during the burnout and the car gets torn up like someone stuffed the wheel well full of dynamite.

Undoubtedly, if you watch drag racing you have seen a Top Fuel or Funny Car cut down a slick and have a wing blown apart or a fiberglass body beat all to hell. In recent season, advancements in those tires have minimized the “chunking” failures of years past. The tire on this old Chevy was probably compromised somehow prior to the burnout. Maybe a small gash or a sharp rock cut the tire enough to cause this violent failure. We feel for the owner of the Chevy because that’s an expensive fix!



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2 thoughts on “Friday BOOM: A Blown Slick Tears a 1938 Chevy to Shreds

  1. 440 6pac

    At least is was during the burnout. I had tun loose on the high end. Have ya ever been in a car spinning out at 120 MPH? The American Heart Association doesn’t recommend it. Not to mention it doesn’t do much to help keep your drawers clean.
    I tagged the guard rails on both side of the strip at least four times. One of the officials told me I was one tad short of stetting a record. One I hope I’ll never set.

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