Class Racer Nationals Coverage: More Wheels Up Big And Small Tire Drag Racing

Class Racer Nationals Coverage: More Wheels Up Big And Small Tire Drag Racing

Here’s the fifth gallery of photos that Dan sent us from the Class Racer Nationals. Man we wish we had been there! This is great photo coverage. If you missed any of our previous galleries, use the link below to see them all.

(Words and Photos by Dan Grippo) For the third year in row, the duo of Ken Miele and Tim Fletcher held the Class Racer Nationals presented by Micro Strategies at picturesque Numidia Raceway in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania. This unique event caters to only two classes of drag racing, Stock and Super Stock. These classes normally only found at NHRA and IHRA events, are given an opportunity to race four times, over two days for real money and prizes, for one trip to the track! Racers themselves, Ken and Tim put forth a tireless effort to provide a fun event for all who attend, offering prizes for everything from longest tow to worst reaction time, among others. While having the payout and give-a-ways normally found at big dollar bracket races, make no mistake, this deal is all class racing.

Run on an NHRA open format, the event gives racers the feel and familiarity of running at a sanctioned event, but with a reminder that they are the stars here. Truly an event by racers for racers, right down to fourteen of the twenty sponsors being racers themselves. If you race these cars, or are a fan of these cars, please mark this one “to do” for next year, you won’t be sorry.

Enjoy the galleries and support the tracks and their events!


Saturday winner: Allison Doll
Saturday r/u: Bubba Linke
Saturday Second Chance winner: Ron Morehead
Saturday Second Chance r/u: Mike McGrath
Sunday winner: Dean Mowery
Sunday r/u: Eric Campolito
Finish Line Mobile Detailing
Gutters by Design

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