Finnegan’s Garage Drag Week Adventures: When An Engine Swap Doesn’t Work, Then Do A Complete Rebuild!

Finnegan’s Garage Drag Week Adventures: When An Engine Swap Doesn’t Work, Then Do A Complete Rebuild!

They are rebuilding the engine!

We were super stoked that Finnegan was going to be back at Drag Week with Blasphemi, after it’s two-year hiatus, but man they are already on a tough road. We’ve got all the adventures that Finnegan and the crew are going through during this year’s Drag Week, starting with the chassis dyno session at HED and then going through all the trials and tribulations. It’s not going to be good. But it surely will be a typical Finnegan adventure. Man some of this is tough to watch.

Finnegan and Newbern are no strangers to thrashing, but this year Finnegan has brought Tony Angelo and the thrashing is even more intense. They have stumbled, which made their need to thrash all that much worse, but it is what it is. These guys are good at making things work and they hate having carnage with something they have spent so much time and energy on. With that said, there is nothing to be done but to thrash and make things happen when things don’t go the way you want them to.




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4 thoughts on “Finnegan’s Garage Drag Week Adventures: When An Engine Swap Doesn’t Work, Then Do A Complete Rebuild!

  1. OKSnake08

    Believe me it’s the simple stuff that trips you up- have a checklist even if you’ve done it 100’s of times(I drive a semi and after reading about how surgeons use them and errors dropped I started) I did a similar thing only mine didn’t cause damage. I didn’t OPEN the nitrous tank valve so she laid down hard and I was worried about damage. Short of hydrolocking it’s hard to hurt the engine going too rich. It was on Drag Week and I had a bad nitrous tune that burned the electrodes off all 8 plugs on day 1. We made it home since I ran “one and done” at each track. More testing at home less “it’ll be fine” is the way to go. I ran the year before with a semi frozen rear u joint that happened on the drive to the starting track. I’ll be back in the next year or two but I’ll be more careful. I’m too old for failures. Everyone should do a drag and drive event. You think you’re bad? You think you’re fast? Try it with a wounded drive train a thousand miles from home. See you out there-Cheers

  2. Gary D

    This stuff is not easy and I really like Mike, but there is a pattern going on here. He has a posse of experts and consultants hanging around, but he seems to get stuck being responsible for everything! Why didn’t one of his pals note that gas was not added to tank? Get tough Mike, and tell these guys to get off their backsides and make themselves valuable if they want to continue hanging around and being an “internet star.” This kind of thing has happened to him before. Makes for good video drama, but is that all he is after?

      1. BigDogSS

        Maybe. Probably the best episode of Road Kill was the one where he DID win
        week (what ever year that was). I think he like the results more than the drama.

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