Video: Hanging With Mac – A Fun Conversation With Drag Racing’s Most Unmistakable Voice

Video: Hanging With Mac – A Fun Conversation With Drag Racing’s Most Unmistakable Voice

There was a moment a couple of years ago when I had to promise Dave McClelland that I was not stalking him. As Dave decided to step away from some of the work he was doing as an event host, a few of the jobs came my way. During those “handoff” years, Mac would be there to pass the baton and it was pretty neat. It was also terrifying because following behind the most iconic voice in the history of drag racing is not exactly small shakes. Anyway, he was kind and full of his normal nobility and grace and things went well.

Many of you hopefully saw the retro opening to the Gainesville NHRA show on Sunday. The Gatornationals elimination broadcast started with Mac’s voice and it was freaking awesome. Every inch of it was great. When Mac was at the NHRA office doing the voice work, they talked him into sitting down with Lewis Bloom in the studio and I used Skype to connect with them as I was back East at home. This was one of the more surreal moments of my life.

In this conversation you’ll learn about Mac and you’ll see me and Lewis staring at the guy with goofy smiles, relishing the opportunity to spend time with someone that both of us have admired and tried to emulate since we were kids.

Is said it to Mac on this video and I have said it to him in private conversation when I have asked his advice or counsel on stuff but it is more of an honor than he will ever know to follow down the same path that he chopped through the woods. He blazed a trail and we’re all fortunate enough to walk down it behind him.

Press play below to see Dave McClelland chat with Lewis and I –

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6 thoughts on “Video: Hanging With Mac – A Fun Conversation With Drag Racing’s Most Unmistakable Voice

  1. Chaun Benfield

    AWESOME, thanks for sharing. We have been fans, at times participants and love the sport of Drag Racing and all its character and characters. I have been watching since the early years of televised coverage, live coverage and can remember Mr.Dave McClelland, Mr. Steve Evans, Mr. Brock Yates, then Mr. Lewis Bloom, Mr. Big Daddy Don Garlits, many great Racers, now Mr. Brian Lohnes and the greats keep it going. With people like this, the sport of Drag Racing and great writing and reporting will be healthy for a long time. It is great to know that all of these people and those who come into this lifestyle will be part of its Great history as it is written and continues. Thanks for All YOU Do.

  2. jerry z

    It was fun listening to Steve and Dave during the Summernationals and Lewis Bloom was the info guy back in the 70’s and 80’s.

  3. Brian

    I had forgotten he started the Super Chevy Sunday series. I’m prepping to go the SCS event in Memphis in 2 weeks. Will be 30 years of attending that event!

  4. phitter67

    In my daughter’s garage sets my old Camaro. And on the console is the dash plaque from that very first Super Chevy Sunday, as it was called then.

  5. Mike Bradford

    Absolutely super to see and hear Dave tell his tales. The Diamond P era of racing was about as good as it gets, from swamp buggy races to nitro drag racing. It will always hold a special place in my heart. Thanks Brian and everyone for this sweet interview…Stuff like THIS is why I spend time on BS…

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