Happy 3/16! Here’s Some Love For The Little Pontiac 316ci V8

Happy 3/16! Here’s Some Love For The Little Pontiac 316ci V8

This is another of those dates where most people think that there’s no gearhead connection but those people would be wrong! In 1956 and for one year only Pontiac offered a 316ci V8 engine. A pretty workaday piece, there was one version that actually had some real guts and is incredibly rare today. The engine we’re talking about is the dual quad version of the 316 of which about 200 were made. That mill made like 285hp and was one of the hottest engines available on the market. The dual quad engine was successful in NASCAR and was helpful in Pontiac’s turn around from stodgy old person brand to something that the kids would like.

It should be noted that the dual quad 316 was the first engine to wear multiple carbs for the Pontiac brand. Obviously dual quad and Tri-Power engines would be a staple of Pontiac horsepower making for a decade and a half after that.

The little 316 was replaced by a slightly larger version of itself in 1957. Engineers added some stroke and suddenly the 316 was a 347 and they only kept getting larger from there.

Because this was a one year only engine and because like all of the Pontiac V8s that would follow look identical, not many of them exist. They were replaced with larger engines or they were squashed with the cars they powered. Hot rodders did not exactly flock after the 316. Saying that, there are not many videos of the engines out there. We dug up a couple for your viewing pleasure.

Check out the little Pontiac engine that launched a performance brand and while we’re lacking a 2×4 video these more mundane versions will do the trick.

Here’s a couple of videos featuring the little 316ci Pontiac engine –

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