Here’s The Worst Challenger Hellcat Launch Ever Caught On Tape – Leaving Is Tough But This Is Ugly

Here’s The Worst Challenger Hellcat Launch Ever Caught On Tape – Leaving Is Tough But This Is Ugly

(Video credit: VictoryRedColorado channel) – I can speak from personal experience on the difficult of getting a Challenger Hellcat moving with aggression from a standing start. There’s an insanely fine line between completely ripping the tires off the back of the car and bogging it out. The engine makes so much torque it can shred the rear tires at will in a couple of gears. Add in the fact that the car weighs about 4,500lbs, isn’t exactly optimized to transfer weight onto the back tires, and you have yourself a treacherous equation. That was during our testing of the car which happened on some closed roads in Mexico. Anyway, what you are going to see here is a person that is kind of lost in the woods with their Hellcat at the drag strip. Are we off base by saying that? Watch this video and then you can be the judge.

You’ll see the green Hellcat Challenger come through the water box, heat the tires and then approach the starting line. After staging, the driver puts the gas pedal on the deck, the engine goes up and sits on the limiter and he proceeds to step off the clutch. It actually gets worse from there. No, the car does not break anything but it also manages to turn a wildly impressive 18-second elapsed time after the driver tries to recover from the calamitous first three hundred feet of the launch.

Press play below and prepare to cringe!


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7 thoughts on “Here’s The Worst Challenger Hellcat Launch Ever Caught On Tape – Leaving Is Tough But This Is Ugly

  1. jerry z

    High performance car, low performance driver. I’ve never driven a 700 hp car but would have done a little better driving.

    1. Clark

      That looks like he got excited and forgot to turn off the traction control, so instead of smoking the tires through three gears and not peddling it the computer shut his ass down lol. Probably a better ET than he would have posted if it went up in smoke.

  2. Nick D.

    Well, that wasn’t what I was expecting. I figured he would get all kinds of sideways and nearly tag the wall. This was much more embarrassing.

  3. Nick D.

    You know that the guy in the far lane is forever going to brag about the time that his R/T beat a Hellcat at the dragstrip.

  4. Tubbed Pacecar

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh………….so THAT”S why they have that dark tint on the windows, so no one can see who’s driving :):)

  5. Brian

    I can think of a million legit reasons for messing up a launch with 700 hp in a car you just purchased. At least he’s running it instead of trying to impress ppl at a red light.

    Shit like this is why guys don’t like to run their cars. Afraid to make a mistake and look stupid and end up on some message board.

  6. ratty

    well at least his RT wasn’t too embarrassing on that 4 tenths Pro Tree… oh wait, that wasn’t a Pro Tree… nevermind…. lol

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