More Better: Holley Announces Expansion Of Terminator X and Terminator X Max Plug and Play EFI Systems

More Better: Holley Announces Expansion Of Terminator X and Terminator X Max Plug and Play EFI Systems

We have officially entered an era that some swore was coming and many thought would never arrive. This is the time of the legit “just plug it in” EFI system and it’s awesome. The Holley Terminator X and Terminator X Max are made for people who want EFI but do not want to earn their Jr. Electrical Engineering badge in the process. They want a package that they can install, one they can play with, and one that will support their engine platform. The Terminator X does all of that, and more.

Oh, we should mention the price as well. You can get your grubby hands on this stuff for a shade less than $1,000 these days which is even more astonishing when you think about it. Technology waits for no man, or fuel delivery platform.

Here’s the full story from Holley about the expanded Terminator X!

Holley is pleased to announce the expansion of Holley EFI’s plug-and-play Terminator X and Terminator X Max electronic fuel-injections systems, which give you self-learning fuel strategies, complete control of your LS engine, and the proven technology of Holley EFI at a budget-friendly price. Now available are Terminator X systems for LS1 engines with EV6, LS2/LS3s systems for late-model trucks, and Terminator X Max systems for numerous drive-by-wire/multi-point-fuel-injection applications with electronic transmission control.

Compatible with a wide range of LS engines, Terminator X and Terminator X Max systems come packed with base maps for common engine combinations to get you on the road or the race track in no time. They feature real-time fuel learning, an integrated 1-bar MAP sensor, high-impedance injector drivers, and four fully programmable inputs and outputs. The inputs (12-volt, 5-volt, frequency, and ground) are perfect for additional pressure sensors and activation triggers for nitrous and trans-brakes, and the outputs are ideal for boost-control solenoids, progressive nitrous control, IAC kits, and electric fans.

Both systems feature a 3.5-inch handheld LCD touchscreen, an easy-to-use calibration wizard, complete tuning and gauge-display functionality, and Holley EFI’s industry-leading software suite that allows full laptop access for advanced users. Both work seamlessly with virtually all Holley EFI accessories, including shift lights, digital dashes, and even analog-style gauges, and both use Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband to relay air/fuel-ratio information to the ECU for accurate reading and precise tuning control.

For a complete look at the current offering of Terminator X & X Max systems, click here.

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