Holley Hot Rod Reunion 2019: Friday Afternoon And That First Blast Of Nitro In The Face!

Holley Hot Rod Reunion 2019: Friday Afternoon And That First Blast Of Nitro In The Face!

If there is one constant theme with the Holley Hot Rod Reunion every year, it’s one thought that rises above all others normally: “Dammit, it’s hot.” Beech Bend in the summer is a hot and humid place to be, and normally the workload of roaming the show fields and working the track can actually cause me to lose visible amounts of weight simply because I’m sweating off every ounce of water my body might have. Not this year, however…for the last couple of weeks the temperatures have been on the nice side of “warm” and the humidity has been low, even at the track…which is right alongside the Barren River. We’re talking at least ten to fifteen degrees cooler, and the humidity maybe half of what it normally is. Translation: tons of cars in the show field, excellent runs down the strip. You simply could not ask for better conditions at Beech Bend.

Friday I tried to spend most of my time on the strip before I headed back to the house to prepare for Saturday, but I wasn’t going to leave the place without experiencing one of life’s greatest joys: a face full of nitro. To some it’s like riot control gas and they aren’t wrong…the stinging eyes and instantly clearing sinuses certainly feel like you’ve been near CS gas. But that is when the fun begins, when you have Top Fuelers, Funny cars and altereds blasting off of the line like artillery rounds downrange. If you have never experienced that hit-in-the-chest feeling of one of these engines when it’s go time, you are missing out on life, friend!

We have only just started with our coverage from the Holley Hot Rod Reunion! We still have everything from Saturday to cover, including Cacklefest, plus more, so stay tuned!

Click on a photo below to check out more from the Holley Hot Rod Reunion at Beech Bend, and if you missed our last gallery, CLICK HERE to check it out!

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5 thoughts on “Holley Hot Rod Reunion 2019: Friday Afternoon And That First Blast Of Nitro In The Face!

  1. phitter67

    I watched the live feed yesterday between chores (don’t want the boss to beat me!). I’m glad you had good weather, as just north of Indy we got 4 inches of rain .And it’s raining right now

  2. Greg

    I watched Larry Peternel race his Imperial when it was a current Pro Stocker, not a Nostalgia car. It was the Mo-Par City Missile back then, glad to see it’s still around.

    1. Bryan McTaggart Post author

      Greg, I think you have the cars mixed up. Mopar City Missile had a tilt front end. I’ve seen recent pictures of that car, fully blown apart, still white/orange and as if it’s in the middle of a rebuild.

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