How It Should Be: This Twin-Turbo Hellcat-Swapped Chrysler 300 Storms Atco!

How It Should Be: This Twin-Turbo Hellcat-Swapped Chrysler 300 Storms Atco!

You want to know what is more annoying to a Mopar owner than a very rednecky, “HEY – that thing gotta Hemi in it?” It’s being the owner of a Chrysler 300C and hearing the phrase “Hellcat swap” every time I showcase the car’s performance potential. Could I score a blown 6.2 for Angry Grandpa? If I had the coin, I know where I can get the engines. If I had the coin, I know who I could talk to that could get the engine into the car, talking with the gauges and running properly, and I know people who can make the car somehow more jaw-droppingly fast than a standard Hellcat already can be. Would I love to daily-drive a 300C that could kick the teeth of most would-be challengers in? Of course I would. Truth be told, that shouldn’t even be a question. It should be a purchasable reality that you could find in limited supply at certain FCA dealers across the country. Instead, you’ll find Avis rental specials on the lots, maybe a V8 car if you really hunt around, and if that isn’t enough for you, you can go onto YouTube and mope while you see Aussies and Middle Easterners romp 392-powered Chryslers around.

It’s an oversight that sucks.

And this absolutely batshit 2014 example, running a Hellcat block with a Hellion twin-turbo setup, is proof that I’m not just blowing hot air. Yeah, you can just buy a Charger and be done with it, but there is a presence difference between a Dodge Charger and a Chrysler 300C. They are platform mates, but their personality couldn’t be more different. The Chrysler is the banker’s hot rod that the original Letter Cars from the 1950s were. It doesn’t need bright paint or a large spoiler to make it’s presence known. It’s the difference between a 20-something college kid who is always in the gym and the guy in the suit who has years of training in at least four discipline studies involving new and creative ways to stomp your ass in. This thing is fast now. Wait until a converter worth mentioning becomes part of the program.

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4 thoughts on “How It Should Be: This Twin-Turbo Hellcat-Swapped Chrysler 300 Storms Atco!

  1. BeaverMartin

    Why won’t FCA make whatever engine I want to buy available? It just doesn’t make any sense. Imagine the press if they even made just a few super overpriced examples with the Hellephant shoved in there, special paint, subtle graphics etc.

    1. BimmerMyke

      Because each engine and transmission combo has to be federalized and EPA certified, plus crash tested. And that costs a megaton of money.
      I don’t see why they wouldn’t offer the 392 or Hellcat in the 300 since both engines are already certified with the ZF8, and the 392 had been crash tested in the 300 already. Seems ridiculous that the Ram is getting the Hellcat, yet the 300 isn’t.
      Personally I’d take my 300 with the Redeye, ZF8 and AWD.

  2. Danno

    Very cool car. Total luxury AND 1000 HP! Yeah, the car definitely needs a converter. Looks like a pig out the gate with the boost not coming in until about the 60’ mark. A converter and a little more gear should put this thing deep into the nines which would hurt a lot of feelings.

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