Mark Williams Enterprises Announces NEW Billet U-Joint Cap Kit For 1350-1410 OEM and NASCAR Style Companion Flanges

Mark Williams Enterprises Announces NEW Billet U-Joint Cap Kit For 1350-1410 OEM and NASCAR Style Companion Flanges

We always talk about how Mark Williams Enterprises goes the extra mile to examine, test, and develop new products. Well, here’s their latest example. New Billet U-Joint caps for 1350-1410 OE and NASCAR style companion flanges. These pieces replace the typically wimpy little stamped steel straps to do the job. During driveshaft testing on the company’s torsional test rig, engineers noticed that the U-joints were not being properly supported by the steel straps.

The result was developing this billet cap kit that comes loaded with ARP hardware to insure that there are no weak links. After adding these billet caps, an additional 500 lf-ft of torque was gained in torsional testing before any signs of unhappiness occurred.

In your race car its the little things that keep you on the track, keep you winning, or keep you losing. For less than $100 you can make an upgrade that will save you THOUSANDS in the event a driveshaft ever comes loose. Think about that. Strength, insurance, and performance. Check them out below.

NEW Billet U-Joint Cap Kit

50237 Cap Kit Installed With Safety Wire
We have added a billet cap kit for 1350-1410 series OEM and NASCAR type companion flanges. These mate to the 5/16″-18 threaded holes that traditionally used stamped straps to retain the u-joint. The caps are produced from heat-treated alloy steel and include 12-point large flange ARP bolts, with provision for safety wire.

By surrounding 360 degrees of the joint cups with support, up to 500 additional foot pounds of torque was possible. The durable alloy steel cap design reduces frequent replacement required with the standard u-joint strap. They will fit all OEM and NASCAR type yokes that utilize 5/16″-18 threads on 1.8″ centers with the joint center .030 below the face of the flange.

Part Number 50237 – $84.50

Additional MW Billet Caps for 1350-1410-1480 Flange Yokes

The 2nd generation 1350-1410 alloy steel cap kits are a result of information gained on our driveshaft torsion testing machine. These kits feature a bubble stud that locates on the rear flange bolthole indexing the location. The cap is produced from heat-treated chromium-molybdenum steel. Sold as sets with accompanying 12 point reduced double hex nuts. Fits all Mark Williams forged 1350 and 1410 billet rear pinion yokes and current rapid release transmission yokes.

Part Number 39112 – $84.50

Billet steel cap kit for 1480 series MW pinion yokes. Same heat-treated alloy steel construction as the original billet cap, but for the larger 1480 series u-joint that is gaining popularity with Pro-Mod and Off-Road racing. This kit will work with all MW produced 1480 pinion yokes and our 1480 quick release transmission slip yokes.

Part Number 39075 – $84.50


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