Now This Is A Rare Race Car! The HOLY GRAIL – 1963 Dodge 330 Max Wedge “Lightweight” With A Great Story

Now This Is A Rare Race Car! The HOLY GRAIL – 1963 Dodge 330 Max Wedge “Lightweight” With A Great Story

Factory race cars are some of the coolest cars on the planet, and this one here is so unique as to be a unicorn. Or a Holy Grail as Tommy Lee Byrd calls it. There is some seriously cool history here and this car is something special. Watch the video and let Tommy tell the story. Cause it is awesome.

Video Description:

Nothing is cooler than a factory drag car and this 1963 Dodge 330 lightweight is the holy grail. Detroit poured a lot of effort into drag racing during the 1960’s, when NHRA Super Stock was at its peak. Ford Motor Company, General Motors and Chrysler had various factory prepared race cars, but Dodge dominated the Super Stock ranks with its Max Wedge cars, especially those with lightweight body panels. Only 34 Dodges were built with aluminum front fenders, bumper, hood and hood scoop, and this is the first one built.

This Dodge lightweight was ordered by Wain Pearce from King Dodge in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It ran locally at Minnesota Dragways, and also competed at the 1963 NHRA Nationals in Indianapolis, Indiana. The car was listed for sale in 1965 for only $1700, and raced for many years after that. It once had a roll bar in it, but has now been restored to the 1963 configuration.

The car has an original 426ci Max Wedge engine with 13.5:1 compression ratio and dual four barrel carburetors. The transmission is a push button Torqueflite and the rear end is a 8-3/4. Stock steel wheels are wrapped in Goodyear front tires and piecrust slicks out back. The car has been sold several times since its restoration and now lives in Ohio. I had the chance to see it up close and personal at the 2023 Chattanooga Motorcar Festival.

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