Pro Mod Photos: Extreme Outlaw Pro Mods Invade Virginia Motorsports Park

Pro Mod Photos: Extreme Outlaw Pro Mods Invade Virginia Motorsports Park

(Photos and Text by Benoit Pigeon) Apart from Pro Extreme, all other Pro Modifieds can compete together pretty much anywhere in the U.S. and in fact anywhere in the world where they are represented. Let’s be clear, Pro Nitrous are Pro Mods that can also race in a category of their own when enough cars show up and planning has been made, which is what the ADRL does. This is a very important factor to understand because currently neither Turbo or Blown cars have a series of their own of any real significance. Don’t ask why, that’s the beauty of Pro Mod, it’s outlaw persona always keeps everyone guessing. If all of this seems confusing because you aren’t familiar with Pro Mods, they are allowed to use any single power adder including Nitrous, Turbos, or Superchargers, with some limitations in pursuit of performance parity.

Extreme Outlaw Pro Modified, a regional tournament happening on tracks in VA, NC, SC and GA is open to any racer no matter where they come from and regulars travel from as far as New York. Chris Rini and the Parise clan are just a few that are following the entire series in 2013. And the EOPM isn’t unique, there are plenty of other regional Championships, which are the back bone of Pro Mod. Many Pro Mod teams start at the local and regional level while trying to work their way to the big leagues, and plenty run multiple series. Rini for example is the master at it and is now making major impressions at the ADRL level. Tommy Franklin from VA races a green Nitrous Camaro in Extreme Outlaw Pro Mods, and Pro Nitrous at ADRL, and has already won an EOPM event this year.

Besides the great variety of cars at an EOPM event, there is also a great variety of race tracks they are competing on. Surface prep is handled by local staff so each track is different. It’s easy to see how the best performers have to not only know how to tune for a variety of track conditions, but also need to be on their game behind the wheel. At the Virginia Motorsports Park event, 21 Pro Mods came for the 8 car field.  In the end the final was all nitrous with Weatherford from VA facing  Greg Godwin from SC.  The grey Corvette from SC took the win light near 11:00pm ending this one day event. It’s an action packed event you can’t afford to miss, so make sure you visit for more information about events near you. If you don’t happen to be near an EOPM event, look up Pro Mods in your area, it’s always a race worth watching.

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    Désolé pour les non francophiles, je vais parler en français. Je félicite Benoit Pigeon pour les photos faites de votre superbe machine, je suis un peu vos performances grâce à ses messages
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