Flat-out Cool: Watching This Scale Model Of A BMW RS90 Engine Come Together Is Awesome

Flat-out Cool: Watching This Scale Model Of A BMW RS90 Engine Come Together Is Awesome

There’s something about putting together little engines that is really fun. In fact, it has become a bit of a tradition here at the Lohnes manse over the years to do a model engine kit around Christmas. With the fact that there’s nothing else to do this year anyway, we’ll be back at it again and I am happy for that. Looking to do something different than the traditional V8 or inliner, I was able to find this video that shows the assembly of a really cool BMW RS90 motorcycle engine kit. This horizontally opposed, air-cooled mill will have the boys all kinds of confused as it goes together but it really looks slick once it is all built and “working”.

I was never much of a model builder as a kid and that probably set me back with my ability to understand and fix stuff that I later had to learn the hard way. With these engine kits, it isn’t so much that the guys understand the intricacies of every aspect of an engine but rather the general principles in how they are assembled, how they work from the inside out, and what the parts and pieces look like as well.

No, this thing is not cheap but then again, learning stuff and having fun when doing it isn’t really something you can throw a dollar and cents price tag on either. Fun kit!

Press play below to see this cool BMW RS90 motorcycle engine model come together –

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