SouthEast Gassers Photo Coverage: Exhibition Vehicle Madness!

SouthEast Gassers Photo Coverage: Exhibition Vehicle Madness!

(Words and photos by Doug Gregory) – So the exhibition cars are not a points class in SEGA.  They are brought out to show the fans cars that are true to the scene back in the day.  Two of these are tributes to the late Houston and Hubert Platt.  These legends campaigned some of the most-recognizable and fierce machines.  The Dixie Twister injected ’64 Chevy II fastback and Georgia Shaker III injected ’65 Ford Falcon are typically raced by two members of the Platt family, Timothy and Rocky.  We sincerely thank Sonee Hall and Kelvin Cannon for bringing these rigs out and beating on them so we can enjoy the experience of these cars running.  Normally cars such as these are behind velvet-covered ropes to keep onlookers beyond reach.

Paul Combest has also been invited to bring out his H/Gas, period-correct ’65 Beetle to show off for the fans.  This VW is a true German-built import powered by a 2276cc flat-four backed by a Type 1 transaxle and a 3.88 final drive ratio. Normally this thing would be hiking the front wheels on the launch and the 1-2 shift running times you have to see to believe, but he was having some ignition woes.  Kudos for still putting it out there and running hard.  Paul’s day job is not what most would expect.  He is owner/operator of Red Dog Leather and he crafts custom-made holsters and gun belts among other things.  Cool stuff.  The rest of these photos are of things I found interesting in the pits.  You know at the races sometimes there are spectator cars nearly as cool as the race machines and since I have a camera handy…

Hope you enjoyed.  If you haven’t checked out a SEGA event in person….I highly recommend doing so.  You won’t regret it.

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