Steve Morris Builds The Baddest LS Engine Ever ! Pt 2

Steve Morris Builds The Baddest LS Engine Ever ! Pt 2

We share part one of the baddest LS engine ever build a couple of days ago and are pretty excited to see the rest of this build go together. Steve’s pushing the limits of what is possible with a street driven combination and he’s doing it with incredibly robust parts that are capable of insane numbers. But making those big numbers and then surviving a week of driving 1,500 miles is a whole other thing. Check out the latest video and if you missed the previous one just click the link below.

Steve Morris is always going on about “Top Secret” stuff in engine building, just like our friend Peter Harrell at HED. We laugh at this because both of them are real bad at keeping secrets and tell everyone everything.

In this video, Steve is going over his all Billet Aluminum LS engine combo. This is the ultimate LS drag and drive combo, but it is not for the weak-hearted. Check this thing out.


Video Description:

Part 2 of the Most Powerful and Durable Drag And Drive LS Based Engine !

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