Street Car Super Nationals V Gallery: Shutting Down The Show In Style!

Street Car Super Nationals V Gallery: Shutting Down The Show In Style!

Saturday was a solid seventeen hours of racing that was arguably some of the best we’ve ever seen. Any and every issue we had prior to Saturday at Street Car Super Nationals V was completely wiped off of the slate…even as we were going through the semi-finals and finals in the wee hours of the morning, we were still ready to see what was in store because there wasn’t one class…not one…that had a clear-cut winner standing above the others. Every run was a drag-out fight to the finish, and both cars rolled into the burnout box with a 50/50 chance of continuing on to the next round. Except maybe for Jason Mallinckrodt and his 1972 Dodge Challenger Rallye…the red E-body seemed to be in at least two finals and was hell-bent on winning something while he was in St. Louis!

In the end, Kevin Maddux took Pro Mod in his 1963 Corvette; Jim Bell took Slammers in his 1969 Camaro; Marty Stinnett’s 1993 Mustang took Radial vs. the World; Daniel Pharris took Limited Drag Radial in the Lexus RC-F; Alan Felts and his 1991 Mustang snagged X275; Justin Cyrnek’s 2015 Mustang got Outlaw 8.5/MX235; Bob Copeland’s 1968 Camaro got 6.0 Index; Mallinckrodt’s Challenger got 7.0 Index; Lilly Kinne got Junior Dragster 6-12; Bailey Whitaker got Junior Dragster 13+; Michael Sexton took NDRL 7.0 Pro in a front-engined dragster; Bo Boles won NDRL 7.5 Pro in a 1923 Ford; Shane Rasler took Pro Comp in a front-engined dragster; Butch Steffens won NDRL Pro Gras in a 1941 Willys;, John Hamer took Nostalgia Super Stock in his 1967 Plymouth Barracuda; Corey Landolt took Super Pro Bracket in a 2010 American dragster, and Jeremiah Hall took Super Quick in a 2017 American dragster.

And with that, we have come to the end of our coverage of the 2017 Street Car Super Nationals V event at Gateway Motorsports Park. We are never disappointed by the action at the Anarchy Under The Arch events, and it’s not every day we leave a track at three-something in the morning and consider it “worth it”. Every last minute was worth it. Mel Roth, Keith Haney, the NDRL and everyone else who had a hand in putting this gig on should be damn proud of this event…one for the books, both historical and record. Click on a photo below to see our last photos, and if you missed our last gallery, you can CLICK HERE to see those pictures, too!


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