The $40,000 4-Speed – This Aluminum T-10 Is Crazy Rare And Stupidly Expensive

The $40,000 4-Speed – This Aluminum T-10 Is Crazy Rare And Stupidly Expensive

As you well know, I love finding rare and crazily expensive speed parts for sale on eBay. Today’s find is an aluminum T-10 four-speed transmission that is claimed to be one of 100 ever made to be used in lightweight Ford Galaxie drag cars. The seller has some interesting history and information on the piece that he’s got listed on eBay for a Buy It Now price of $40,000. If this thing is really one of 100 ever made we’re sure that it is one of only a handful left in the world.

The major question of this piece’s value, like all of the other weird, rare, and expensive stuff, centers around the demand for it. How many people are restoring a lightweight Galaxie to exacting standards? Certainly you’d not spend $40,000 for a transmission to be used in a clone, right? Then there’s the flip side of the argument centering around the idea that this is probably the only place on Earth to actually get one of these transmissions so the seller can kind of dictate the market price for it.

Having no real idea how much it costs to develop the molds and dies to cast the case, we’re wondering if for $40,000 someone could actually have one of these things made from scratch. It would be an interesting study for sure.

So there you have it. This week’s most rare, insane, and expensive vintage speed part. For the record, when this was built the average American made $4,300 dollars per year, the average home cost $19,300, and the average new car cost $3,300 dollars.


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6 thoughts on “The $40,000 4-Speed – This Aluminum T-10 Is Crazy Rare And Stupidly Expensive

  1. Big Sky Dreamer

    Very, very cool, but would you want to use it as intended? It sure would make a groovy piece to put on a pedestal and stick in your ‘man-cave’

    1. ricky hildebrand

      As rare as it is I would only install it at the time of sale (If I had a Lightweight) or for Concours judging.

    1. ricky hildebrand

      Same holds true here as well. With a concours restoration original means everything. And will certainly set it apart from those “Lesser” restorations,or survivors.

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