The Aussie Verison Of A “No Fs Given” Build Involves A Turbo Hanging Out, Huge Burnouts, And Fire (Video)

The Aussie Verison Of A “No Fs Given” Build Involves A Turbo Hanging Out, Huge Burnouts, And Fire (Video)

One of the more annoying statements you’ll hear someone make at a car show is “throw a turbo on it” in the context of, “Yeah, this smog headed 350 is making about 600hp but I may just ‘throw a turbo on it’ too.” The one good thing is that when the “throw a turbo on it” guy says that, you know there is no way he’s even going to be “throwing” a set of plugs in that motor, let along figuring out and mounting a turbo. Guys who are going to do it, just do and that is exactly what this Australian hot rodder did with an old Holden Commodore. He kept the bone stock 5.0L small block in it, somehow got his hands on a Holset truck turbo, rigged up some wildly weird looking headers and left the centrifugal air compressor hanging right out in the breeze. This is the definition of “throw a turbo on it” except unlike car show dude, this guy did it!

We’re not sure if it was grabbed off of a Cummins diesel truck or what but either way, it was had cheap and it works. It also catches on fire but we’ll get to that in a minute. The video claims that the owner has jammed as much as 20 psi of boost through this 5.0L engine when the times called for it but he normally has it dialed back at 10 or so. Even with all the stock guts in and on the engine it has to be making enough power to really raise the fun level, even at 10psi, let alone 20!

You will see the car, which is totally hammered and cool fire up and cruise into a burnout area. The driver and co-driver seem to be having a fun time as the car shreds tires, spin donuts, and all the while the turbo is up front and spinning away. The funny part of the video comes at the end when the guys pull off the pad, discover that the thing is on fire and douse it with a pressurized fire extinguisher and then seem to go about their business.

Between the crust, the dents, and the turbo hanging out in the breeze, we’re in love. Also, doesn’t it look like the headers are just tack welded togteher in the image below?!


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