The Race Of Gentleman: Even More Epic Traditional Hot Rods And Race Cars On A Historic Airfield

The Race Of Gentleman: Even More Epic Traditional Hot Rods And Race Cars On A Historic Airfield

(Photos by Wes Allison) We’ve got so many photos from TROG, because it is just too easy to capture awesomeness at this event. Seriously, this is one of the coolest events of the year and if you haven’t looked at these photos then you are missing out. With amazing cars, an amazing location, and historic planes in the background, it just doesn’t get better. This really does look like something out of a movie, and Wes has once again killed it on the coverage.

If you haven’t been to a Race of Gentlemen event or seen coverage from one, you are missing out. These events are seriously rad because of the period-correct rides, the laid-back attitude of the events themselves, and the competition that is as fun as any you’ll find anywhere. This particular TROG event was at FlaBob airfield in Riverside and the entire look of the event was perfect. Our own Wes Allison headed out and got spectacular event photos from this place like you will never see anywhere else. It truly looks like you have stepped back in time and we love it.

The word Nostalgia, or Nostalgic, is often over used and many times is just replacing the world “old”. That is not the case with The Race of Gentlemen.

There is no other race like The Race of Gentlemen, aka TROG. Each TROG event is a time travel of sorts, to a time when things were simple and racers were gentlemen, or so we thought anyway, and cars and motorcycles were an absolute icon. All the cars and bikes you’ll see at at TROG event are Pre and early Post War and absolutely as authentic to the times as is reasonable. Seeing these things hauls ass down the sand at the original TROG events is great, but in SoCal the airfield at FlaBob is where they run. Man this place is magical.


Check out the photos below.

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