The Real Reason Why Finnegan Is Not Racing At Hot Rod Drag Week 2023! Behind The Scenes Details

The Real Reason Why Finnegan Is Not Racing At Hot Rod Drag Week 2023! Behind The Scenes Details

Finnegan isn’t racing this week in Blasphemi and a lot of folks have been wondering why. They must not be subscribers, because here are the details on the Hemi in Blasphemi and why it isn’t running right now after all kinds of testing in recent months. You’ll remember that last year on Drag Week, Finnegan and Tony had some issues and had to get a bunch of help to do a rebuild on the Hemi. Well, that engine is still alive, but now it is time to pull it apart because there are a couple of issues they don’t want to become giant issues.

Video Description:

First off, I need to correct an error I made while filming this video. I spaced and forgot to mention that Jake Sanders and his friends were a huge part of rebuilding the Hemi during drag week 2022. I said Tony Angelo and I rebuilt the Hemi and even though there’s a clip of Jake wrenching on the engine, I want to make sure he’s he gets the credit for saving our bacon during DW 2022. So, if you’re near Brownsburg, Indiana and need a Hemi fixed, Jake’s Snake Performance is the spot!

Anyway, this is Episode 261 of Mike Finnegan’s Garage and this time we venture out of the garage in Georgia and head to Race City USA aka Mooresville, North Carolina. It’s the home of Harrell Engine and Dyno, the spot we’ve spent countless hours trying to tune more power into the 528ci Chrysler Hemi of Blasphemi. After several chassis dyno sessions we decided to take the Hemi apart to assess the condition of the rotating assembly and address two issues that we knew ahead of time that needed fixing. This video will show you exactly what’s going on with our engine and why we are not racing Hot Rod Drag Week 2023.

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