Video: Uncle Tony In The Land Of Kooky Carbs – The Mega Mileage Rabbit Hole Is Weird

Video: Uncle Tony In The Land Of Kooky Carbs – The Mega Mileage Rabbit Hole Is Weird

One of the things about Uncle Tony DeFeo that we truly like is the fact that he knows he ain’t for everyone. Not only does he know it, he understands it to a higher level than most. He doesn’t do salacious stuff to get people mad but he also has zero problem speaking his mind and expressing his knowledge, opinions, and viewpoints about all things mechanical, be the good or bad. Or in this case, weird.

DeFeo has done videos recently talking about some of the weirder things in the automotive realm. Stuff like the guys who “invented” carbs to deliver insane mileage and other “mega mileage” technology that some people believe has been suppressed by the government or the big oil companies. He thinks it is all hokum and expresses those viewpoints here while also issuing a bit of a call-out to one mega mileage enthusiast who decided to poke the bear.

Listen to Tony tell the story of this guy and his Camaro. We’re on his side here and hopefully the dude on the other end of this thing takes Tony up on his offer and we really get to learn some interesting information…good, bad, or otherwise.

Press play below to see this video featuring Tony DeFeo and kooky carbs –

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4 thoughts on “Video: Uncle Tony In The Land Of Kooky Carbs – The Mega Mileage Rabbit Hole Is Weird

  1. ron bikacsan

    I’ll bet good money that neither of those ultra-high mileage wonders have been jabbed. All ya gotta do is believe!

    ‘Common beliefs are often far from physical truths’.
    Steve Wozniak

    1. Truckin' Ted

      Uncle Tony needs to move on from these crackpots. The chances of getting this gentleman to put his Camaro on the chassis dyno is about as good as getting a tv evangist to take a lie detector test. Uncle Tony can do far better than waste his time on this guy.

      Love the Steve Wozniak quote Ron!

  2. Matt Cramer

    At leas the Camaro guy’s claims (35 mpg at a steady 55 mph cruise) are within the realm of possibility; Uncle Tony is mostly wondering if he had some serious trade-offs to get there. The 100 mpg claims some others make are really amusing. I’ve got a Dieselgate era VW Passat that can get 40 mpg on a good day, and this has just about every efficiency trick in the book – turbodiesel engine, areodynamics like a well used bar of soap, 6 speed DSG transmission, and blatant contempt for government rules.

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